The Invitation That Makes You Money

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Would you be surprised to learn a simple invitation may be all you need to skyrocket your sales?

When you see the word invitation, you might be thinking of a beautiful envelope with a stylized print requesting your attendance for some extravagant function that shows up in your mailbox or email.

That’s not actually what I had in mind. The invitation I’m suggesting comes in the form of a question you ask a potential client.

Believe it or not, many people won’t make a decision to do business with you until you invite them. People like to be asked for their business. It’s your job to invite prospective clients to do business with you.

A couple of weeks ago I was hired by an organization to teach a 3 part training series for their leaders to grow membership. One of the three sections was dedicated to how to invite people to become members.

One of the participants reported, she had a 100 close rate last week by applying what she learned and ending every call with an invitation to become a member.

It’s really simple; you need to ask.

I work with many clients who initially tell me they’re asking for the business and when we dig deep into their process it turns out, they aren’t actually asking. They’re waiting for the client to speak up when they’re ready to buy.

Your Savvy Sales Tip this week: Invite people to do business with you.

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You might be worried by asking people to do business with you; they’ll think you’re pushy. I’m here to tell you, I’ve never asked someone for their business and had them be offended or put out by me asking. You can ask in a kind, conversational way and keep the rapport going.  I’m not implying that every person you ask will say yes. Some people may say no, yet, more importantly, some will say yes! So go ahead and ask for the business.

Here are 2 possible language suggestions on how to ask. The first is for people selling a product. The second is for people selling a service.

Selling a product: “I so appreciate your interest in my product. You could have this delivered to you as early as (insert delivery date). Should we go ahead and get that ordered for you now?”

Selling a service: “It has been great chatting with you today. I’d love a chance to work with you.  What do you think about us scheduling a time to get started? I carry my calendar right here on my phone, how about you?”

Please get out there and start inviting people to do business with you. Wishing you a successful sales week.

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