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Feat. Nikki Raush, Sales Maven

Claim The Stage Podcast host, Angela Lussier interviews Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch

Sales gets a bad rap.

Sometimes it's deserved, but mostly it comes down to how proficient the salesperson is at making the experience easy and productive for the prospect. Therefore, the selling process is misunderstood. Today we are going to discuss some of the reasons this can be.

This week, we have two special opportunities to learn some additional skills and techniques that make the selling process a breeze. So, this will help make the selling process easier for you and for your prospective clients.

First, please give a listen to the Claim The Stage Podcast with Angela Lussier where we talk about the misunderstood process of selling. Angela started off as a self-described “shy girl” and is now an award-winning professional speaker, six-time author, two-time TEDx presenter, and entrepreneur. Certainly, she's someone you can learn a ton from.

Listen Here:

Claim The Stage

the selling process

More On The Selling Process…

I'm beyond thrilled to share that I was interviewed by LuAnn Nigara of A Well-Designed Business. LuAnn began her career more than thirty years ago as a co-owner of Window Works, an award-winning window treatment and awning retailer in Livingston, NJ. She may be the only person I've ever been interviewed by that loves sales as much as I do. We had such a great time talking about people who are introverts and how to sell successfully as well as a myriad of other topics.

Listen Here:

A Well-Designed Business

the selling process


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Wishing you continued success in all you're doing this week.

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