The Sales Tool You Need To Be Building Now

With host Nikki Rausch, Sales Maven Society

Sales Maven Podcast with Nikki Rausch-The Sales Took you need to be building now

Can your email list be a gold mine for you? This can be your biggest sales tool!

Listen, as Nikki shares that over 80 of her sales come from her email list, yes, she tracks this information, which is why she invests money, time, and energy into growing and nurturing her email list. She shares a few tips on getting people to give you their email address willingly and much more on this episode of The Sales Maven.

Nikki discusses some categories she believes are essential when building a sales list, how important and valuable content is, and not being afraid to tease the reader with some free tips that they can use now. Nikki also speaks about why it is essential to email the people on your list regularly, and she says, don't worry about people who unsubscribe from your list because they probably would not buy from you, anyway.

Do you know the etiquette around email lists? Listen, as Nikki gives us a few tips to keep you out of hot water when adding people to your list. She shares why you don't need a huge list and how it's not about the quantity of your list; it's about the quality. If you treat the people on your list with respect and keep them engaged, they will stand by you. This is why it can be a great sales tool! 

Nikki did it again. She shares things that you might not think are hurting your bottom line, but once you hear her talk about them, you realize you are doing exactly what she says don't do. If you are serious about growing your business, every episode Nikki puts out is an episode you need to hear.

In This Episode:

[00:43] Welcome to the show!

[01:08] Shout out to Susieg33 for the outstanding review!

[03:29] Nikki says that your email list is the sales tool you should build now.

[05:02] Did you know you can reduce your marketing expenses by using your email list?

[05:45] The best email list is the one where people give you their email address willingly.

[07:01] Nikki speaks about a time when she shared with a client the importance of building her an email list.

[08:41] What do you use for your email list? Do you have suggestions?

[09:57] Nikki discusses some categories she believes are essential around building your sales list.

[10:12] The first most crucial thing is to provide valuable content to the people that subscribe.

[13:14] Make the content valuable and about the reader for their benefit.

[15:16] Nikki says, don't be afraid to give away some free content.

[17:26] Attempt to email the people on your list regularly.

[19:01] The people who unsubscribe because they got an email from you would not buy from you, anyway.

[20:45] Nikki shares a few other things around etiquette.

[21:01] Do not add people to your list without their permission.

[22:40] When you send emails, remember people read them individually.

[25:13] Do you have a massive list of emails?

[27:35] Nikki shares that she gets new leads to her list daily, and the main ways she builds her list.

[29:13] I hope you found this helpful!

[29:18] Nikki discusses the masterclass she has created around conversion email sequences.

[29:48] If you would like some additional resources to visit, go to

[30:47] Thank you so much for listening!

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