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On-Air Coaching Call With Angela Foster

thought leadership in sales

Thought leadership is like sharing another path to a solution or another way to understand a concern.

Your unique storytelling and experience gives your audience a new choice. How can you organize your perspective into thought leadership?

Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here to offer tips, techniques, and strategies to master your sales conversations. Discover methods to place yourself in the position to thrive in business and produce true value for your audience.

Today, Angela Foster brings up questions about thought leadership and sales in an on-air coaching call on this episode of the Sales Maven Show.

With 20+ years as an executive in the fashion and beauty space, Angela Foster is now a Petite Style Coach. Busy, high-achieving, Petite women hire her to create a closet filled with clothes to fit their height and flatter their body shape. Her clients go from having a closet packed with clothes yet feeling like they have nothing to wear to being confident and excited to get up and get dressed. With this new confidence in quickly and easily selecting the right outfit for each occasion, clients save time and energy so they can focus on what really matters: crushing their goals and making a more significant impact.

In today’s episode, Nikki and Angela identify ways to build thought leadership.

Angela holds her own philosophy on style and body shapes. She already has a unique perspective, so Nikki gives tips on how to introduce the philosophy and where to share it. Nikki also explains how a unique story or explanation is yours to consistently tell to your audience. Listen as Nikki and Angela talk about thought leadership as a question of “What is your unique perspective to share?”

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In This Episode:

[00:29] – Welcome, and thank you for listening!

[00:54] – Angela Foster shares the top ways she helps women build the ultimate closet.

[02:41] – What is Angela’s approach to body shapes?

[05:11] – Purge the stuff that doesn’t work.

[07:02] – What is your unique perspective to share? PART 1

[09:36] – What is your unique perspective to share? PART 2

[11:53] – People usually talk about the same topic for years in many different ways.

[13:52] – How can entrepreneurs share their thought leadership?

[16:35] – People always revisit their favorites.

[19:34] – Angela appreciates her fellow Sales Maven Society members.

[22:30] – Then, Angela shares how Nikki helped change her mindset about sales.

[24:57] – Thank you for listening. Nikki is so grateful you are here!


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