Upselling Strategies: A Sales Success Story

Jamie Van Cuyk, Growing Your Team

Sales Maven Podcast - Upselling Strategies with Jamie Van Cuyk


Upselling Strategies: Do you recognize buying signals even if the person wasn't intentionally giving you one?

On this episode of Your Sales Maven podcast, Nikki and her guest Jamie Van Cuyk, Owner and Lead Strategist of Growing Your Team and longtime Sales Maven Society member, discuss Nikki's input on an email. Nikki's upselling strategies made it easy for Jamie's client to say yes to the package that was an upgrade from what she originally thought she needed. 

“The meaning of your communication is based on the results you get.” Nikki supported Jamie by helping her perfect the wording on an email that addressed the needs of her client. Nikki believes that one of the most important tools you can have is to know how to craft an email that speaks directly to the person you are contacting; the right language can make or break a sale.

Upselling Strategies Continued…

Jamie believes that the most beneficial thing about being a part of the Sales Maven Society is identifying bad pitches when they come her way. Knowing when someone has put some effort behind their pitch because they are really interested is something she is so thankful to have learned from Nikki and the Sales Maven Society. Are you ready to get involved with people who know what you need?

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In This Episode: Upselling Strategies

[01:13] Welcome to the show, Jamie!

[01:33] Jamie shares about her business and what they do.

[02:58] Then, Jamie discusses her packages and how she works with clients.

[05:24] Next, Jamie speaks about writing the job description for her clients to enable them to hire the person they need.

[07:59] Growing Your Team provides reusable documentation that can be beneficial down the road.

[11:00] Jamie shares the situation she was in when she asked for assistance from Nikki.

[12:52] Jamie went through the Sales Maven Society to run an email by Nikki to make sure the language was where it needed to be for the client to give an easy yes.

[15:01] Then, Jamie speaks about what happened once her client received the email.

[16:54] Nikki shares that sometimes it's just easier to send an email without putting a lot of thought into it.

[17:24] The meaning of your communication is based on the response you get.

[18:35] Nikki says the words you choose matter.

[19:58] Nikki speaks about reading emails from the perspective of the reader.

[21:56] Jamie shares some advice for someone who is a strong writer but has issues with sales communications.

[23:56] What is one thing that has proven beneficial from being a part of the Sales Maven Society?

[24:53] Jamie chats about her podcast Growing Your Business.

[27:07] Thank you for being on the show!


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