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Today, Nikki is celebrating another sales success story with a member of the Sales Maven Society, Karen Rae. Karen is the founder of Fave Lifestyles, a lifestyle brand and community for women to amplify their expertise to the community seeking the resources to create their Fave life. Fave is a place for women in business to shine! Listen as they discuss the significant results Karen has gotten from implementing the things (such as using social media for business development) she and Nikki have worked on, plus much more on this episode of the Sales Maven Show.



Originally Karen came to Nikki for help with engaging with women in her online community without sounding salesy and instead becoming a resource for them. Nikki helped her by flipping the script and teaching her how to change her mindset on how to help and serve someone. She learned how to make the women she wanted to help the center of the conversation and engage by coming up with strategic questions. Together they built a plan to use social media for business development. 

Karen shares the results she has seen since she implemented the script that Nikki suggested. Karen also talks about how successful she has been at moving people from a DM to a live conversation to actually becoming one of the experts in the community. This is allowing her to now have conversations to identify whether or not it makes sense for this person’s business as well as for Fave to offer them the opportunity to be an expert. 

Nikki believes Karen is a great example of implementation and seeing the results of it. She has done a fabulous job of using social media for business development.

She went from being a stay-at-home mom to building a business and went out of her way to understand what works for her and how to be willing to change things up. Karen says that what has really helped her is Nikki’s year of asking questions. She had never felt comfortable asking questions until Nikki told her it was ok to ask questions in business. Nikki knows you can pretty much say or ask anybody anything as long as you phrase it correctly.

Karen says that the number one biggest benefit for her of being a member of the Sales Maven Society has been the confidence she has gained. She was so scared to get out there and chat with people because she didn’t know what to say or how to say it. But because of the gentle, beautiful words that are talked about in the different scenarios and how to create those conversations have given her the confidence to talk to people.

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In This Episode:

  • [01:03] Welcome to the show, Karen!
  • [01:23] Nikki speaks about why she wanted to do this episode.
  • [03:12] Karen shares how women can work with her membership community.
  • [06:12] Then, Karen speaks about how her community differs from other communities.
  • [08:20] Next, Karen discusses the issue she had that she and Nikki worked on together.
  • [11:16] How to move them from a DM into having a live conversation about becoming one of the experts was also something they worked on.
  • [12:49] Nikki talks about the three things they decided were most important for what Karen was trying to accomplish.
  • [14:30] Karen shares that what has really helped her is Nikki’s year of the questions.
  • [16:20] Nikki believes Karen has done a great job of implementing the changes they discussed.
  • [18:57] Karen is still working on asking the questions to identify what the customer’s struggle is.
  • [19:51] It’s not about being perfect; it’s about building rapport.
  • [21:28] Asking how you can be a resource for someone isn’t a generic throwaway line; it should only be used sincerely.
  • [23:44] What has one benefit been for you, being a member of the Sales Maven Society?
  • [25:14] Today’s question is; of the ways we’ve talked about working together, which one are you most interested in learning about?


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