Using Stories When Podcast Guesting To Attract Clients

With Geraldine Carter

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Nikki's guest for this On-Air Coaching Call is Geraldine Carter. Geraldine is the owner of She Thinks Big Coaching, where she helps her clients build and price services that will reduce workload while increasing revenue. Listen as she asks for Nikki's help with using stories and talking points for a podcast tour she is going on. As usual, Nikki is on point with her answer on this episode of the Sales Maven Show.



Using stories in sales can be a great tool to help build rapport. Nikki suggests that Geraldine first find a key point that she will be speaking about and think of a story of a client that she recently helped around this key point. You can interject this story when you bring up the point and then share the results they received once they implemented what you had discussed. Nikki suggests starting the story by talking about how CPAs can get overwhelmed and overlook the money they could save their clients and then share the example of how you had several overwhelmed clients that implemented this and were able to bring in large amounts of money once CPAs can identify what they are overlooking in their business.

“We have coaches because everyone has blind spots.” Geraldine is asking Nikki what phrases she should stay away from so that she doesn't make her clients feel embarrassed. Nikki suggests she remark on how common this situation is. Also, the need for coaches to identify the blind spots and find ways to bring money into the business while serving their clients at a much higher level. Nikki also points out that Geraldine needs to take the time to tell these stories when she is a guest on a podcast because usually, it gets the host more engaged, and they ask more in-depth questions.

Tell the story in a way that sounds like you are telling it for the first time and the listeners' benefit. Using stories takes practice. 

Geraldine shares that if she had to pick one benefit of being part of the Sales Maven Society, it's that she gets the right answers to her questions fast. She says that it saves so much time, second-guessing, bandwidth, and focus. She can just move on with things because she has the answer. 

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In This Episode:

  • [01:02] Welcome to the show, Geraldine!
  • [01:33] Geraldine shares her background and her business.
  • [03:05] Geraldine talks about her podcast and how her clients find her.
  • [04:46] Nikki says that Geraldine provides exceptional value in tiny little pieces of content she regularly puts out.
  • [07:06] Nikki believes it is very important to stay in front of your email list.
  • [08:17] Geraldine needs Nikki's support for stories and talking points for a podcast tour she is going on.
  • [09:41] Nikki suggests looking at the topic she is speaking on and finding the key points and then think of a client she helped around this same topic.
  • [12:22] Geraldine shares an exercise she takes her clients through.
  • [15:20] Nikki shares how she would lay out this story.
  • [17:28] Then, Nikki talks about sharing the process and an impactful story.
  • [19:46] Sometimes, people feel pressured when a guest on a podcast. Take the time to share your stories because sometimes the host gets more engaged.
  • [20:58] Next, Nikki shares some things to remember when you tell stories.
  • [23:02] Then, Nikki speaks about ways to plant seeds.
  • [25:10] Nikki talks about ways for Geraldine to pitch her relevant podcast episodes without making it sound like she is in sales mode.

Using Stories When Podcast Guesting continued…

  • [28:35] “You don't have to plant seeds every single time you answer a question, but you do want to plant seeds more often than not.” 
  • [31:05] Geraldine discusses the seeds she believes will be the most important to drop.
  • [32:27] Nikki shares how Geraldine can drop in a seed around her custom one-on-one coaching for an accelerated four-month program.
  • [36:00] Then, Nikki gives her some language when she is on a podcast that might be different from what she is used to.
  • [37:11] Geraldine shares a story that shows another issue she is having around doing things a non-traditional way versus the traditional way.
  • [39:10] Nikki speaks about how she would word the story.
  • [42:24] Tell your stories as often as you can and pay attention to how people respond to them.
  • [47:53] Congrats on the new website, and good luck on your podcast tour.
  • [48:21] What has been one benefit for you of being a member of the Sales Maven Society?
  • [50:53] Nikki shares her question for this week.

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