Value Based Pricing: A Sales Success Story

Lori Vella, Private VIP Client

Sales Maven podcast - value-based pricing with Lori Vella

Are you slowing down the process of helping your clients by not taking their money on the call?

On this episode of the Sales Maven podcast, Nikki and her guest Lori Vella, a private VIP client, and Sales Maven Society member, discuss her value based pricing sales success story. Lori needed help with her processes, her pricing, and her mindset around charging for her services. After working with Nikki, her company is now on the fast track, and the growth has been mind-blowing. 

Listen, as Nikki tells us that when you allow people to pay for your services, you are giving them a gift of getting what they want and need. Once Lori changed her mindset, she exceeded her main goal within the first month. Lori believes that because of Nikki, she was able to take her shaky little hobby and make it a legit business that is bringing in a steady income.

Nikki also discusses showing up in a way that will attract your ideal client. Nikki shares that the client you were marketing to when you first started might not be the same client you want as your business grows, and at that point, you have to pivot and change up your marketing plan.

Value Based Pricing Continued…

Lori believes that she has learned from working with Nikki that she has value in her services and in herself and that people are ok with paying her money to take it to the next level. Don't be afraid to help people; make it easy on them by asking them to enter a contract and taking their payment. Are you ready to change your mindset?

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In This Episode: Value Based Pricing

[01:07] Welcome to the show, Lori!

[01:57] Lori shares her business and who she serves.

[04:11] Lori discusses the catalyst for starting her own business.

[07:24] Listen, as Lori speaks about the things that were holding her back before she started working with Nikki.

[09:25] Lori talks about the VIP session she had with Nikki and what they discussed.

[12:11] Nikki shares that most people have issues with their mindset around pricing their offers.

[14:09] Lori speaks about feeling that asking people for money was negative in her mind.

[16:15] When you allow for money to pay for your services, you give them a gift of getting what they really want and need.

[18:41] Within one month, Lori surpassed the goal she set for herself.

[20:59] Lori believes Nikki has taken her business from a shaky one to a legit business, bringing in a steady income.

[21:31] Nikki says that Lori is a great implementer because she took everything they have talked about and implemented it into her business.

[25:07] What piece of advice would you give someone who wants to take their hobby to the next level?

[27:01] Nikki speaks about showing up in a way that will attract your ideal client.

[29:46] Lori says that she learned from Nikki that she was marketing to the wrong people.

[32:24] Nikki believes Lori shows up in a video she shows as a strong, powerful woman attorney that is going to get it done.

[36:51] What's the one thing that you have received the most impact on from working with Nikki?

[39:12] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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Law Office of Lori Vella
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