What Do You Love About Sales?

Love sales discussion with Nikki Rausch of Sales Maven

Do you love sales?

When you think of the word sales, what comes to mind? What do you love about sales or the selling process? Have you found ways to enjoy selling?

The Red Carpet Guide to Visibility and Influence DTV Livestream host Joie Gharrity and co-host Super Boomer Caren Glasser chatted with me recently. We discussed: “What We Love About Sales”.

Watch the whole interview here.

This was a fun interview where I shared tips for improving the selling experience for the seller and the prospect. Joie and Caren also dug into my own personality, sales and business mindset, and my likes and dislikes. They even got me to admit one of my weirdest quirks. It's not something I'd normally share about myself. People might think I've lost my mind. 🤪

Please feel free to reach out with your thoughts on this interview.

And be sure to check out The Super Boomer Lifestyle website, there's tons of great stuff on there.

Sending good wishes to you for a successful selling week.

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