What Goes Around… Comes Around

what goes around... comes around

How long has it been since you either said or heard said: “What goes around… comes around?”

Consider this phrase “what goes around…comes around,” and how you might use it to impact your business/sales in a positive way.

What goes around...comes around

For instance, let’s take referrals.  Have you ever given a referral to someone only to have them refer business back your way?  When this happened, did you work it out ahead of time?

Maybe it went something like this:

“I’m going to refer someone to you, and I expect you to refer someone back.”

Geez, I hope not!  

Chances are there was no discussion ahead of time.  You referred business to that person because you believe in them and you know they could help someone in need of their service/product.

And it just so happens that when the opportunity presented itself and they met someone that could benefit from your service/product, they happily referred them to you.

Hence, the concept, “What goes around… comes around.”

My Savvy Sales Tip for you this week: Actively give referrals.  The simplest way to get referrals without even asking is to give referrals.  People will naturally send referrals your way whenever they can.  It’s just good business. What goes around…comes around.

Take a few moments this week and make a list of 2 to 4 people you want to connect.  Send out an introduction via email or private message through Facebook.  May I also suggest that in the introduction you share 2 or 3 things about each person that the other person may find interesting as well as your reason for the introduction.

Here’s an example:

To:  Nikki Closser & Lisa Stariha

Hi Nikki & Lisa,

Please allow me to introduce you to each other.

Lisa, Nikki is the amazing photographer I’ve been telling you about.  She has a beautiful studio in Seattle.  Nikki is originally from Michigan and is one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet.  Here website is www.nikkiclosser.com 

Nikki, Lisa is a health coach, known as The Happy Body Coach.  Lisa is a highly educated dietician, and she teaches women how to love their bodies and get healthy in a way that is sustainable.  She knows diets don’t work so she helps change mindset and habits which lead to lasting change.  Lisa is also a ton of fun. Lisa’s website is www.thehappybodycoach.com

Lisa is in the process of rebranding which means she would benefit from having updated photos to use in her marketing, website, social media, etc.  

When you have a minute, please connect with each other.

The above example is slightly different than some of the introductions I have received where the message says, “Nikki meet so and so.”  Many times there is no further explanation.

Taking the extra time to share some insights also gives the people being introduced a foundation to begin their discussion.

Ok, now it’s your turn.  Who can you connect?

Please reach out with questions, comments, and feedback.  Those of you that take the time to check in with me after reading these posts make my day. Thank you.

Wishing you a successful week!


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