When Not To Say, “Thanks For Your Patience.”

thanks for your patience

Just because a phrase is common doesn’t necessarily mean it will land the way it’s intended.

When you take time to research business techniques, you are going to notice certain ideas repeat themselves. Repeated ideas are usually core principles or approaches that often work well. Following trends is undoubtedly appealing, but can easily go awry. Today, enjoy a solo episode as Nikki discusses why entrepreneurs should loosen our grip on the phrase “Thanks for your patience” on this episode of the Sales Maven Show.

Overused phrases tend to lose impact. The phrase, “Thanks for your patience” is discussed in today’s episode. This statement can be received as forced or insincere. Pulling out the phrase in a cookie-cutter way of handling a situation can show a lack of ownership. Nikki explains how haphazardly using today’s phrase can become a rapport breaker with clients.

Rapport breaks when today’s phrase is forced onto the other person, or in this case, the client. It’s not appreciated to hear this phrase when you’re at the mercy of someone else. Being thanked for your patience in these kinds of situations may feel more or less like mockery.  

Learn a few phrases to replace “Thanks for your patience”, and how to interact in moments of wrapping up awkward moments. Nikki speaks about creating dialogue with clients, alongside how to give people a chance to extend grace. Most people want to be kind, and opening the conversation with the replacement phrases from today’s episode let’s the client feel more secure.


Nikki also discusses this further in the blog post: Thank You For Your Patience: Avoid Saying This To Clients.


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In This Episode:

[00:42] – Welcome, and thank you for listening!

[02:06] – Nikki gives her take on preferring to talk “with” someone versus talking “at” someone.

[04:01] – This experience reminds Nikki of why the phrase “Thanks for your patience” can be grating for the person hearing it.

[05:57] – Nikki suggests asking permission to create dialogue between you and the client. Here is the first picture example.

[07:54] – Opening dialogue can mean opening options for finding different solutions. 

[10:00] – When you drop the ball, here is how you can hold yourself accountable, and allow the client to make a decision on moving forward.

[12:18] – There’s such a difference between assuming permission and asking permission.

[13:10] – Then, Nikki talks about being upfront about asking permission.

[13:54] – This is a good question for the times when things don’t go well with clients.

[14:55] – Thank you for listening. Nikki is so grateful you are here!


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