When to Use The “Less Is More” Approach In Sales

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What is your success rate? Would you like it to go up?

Today, Nikki shares an approach designed to do exactly that. It's the “less is more” approach. Sometimes we get into a mindset of “more is more.” There are times when we need to pull back a little bit, and that's what today’s show is all about.

From the poet Robert Browning to the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, “less is more” has been used to promote simplicity, restraint, and direct expression.

It is also a powerful sales approach. Nikki shares three real-life scenarios where “less is more” is the better strategy.

She talks about why we don’t need to put everything, including the kitchen sink, in our offers and why it’s better not to. We learn the disadvantages of putting too much information in our sales conversations. Finally, this strategy is perfect for those times when a mistake is made, and we need to express concern and make a correction.

Tune in to tighten up your language when selling and interacting with clients, and get inspired to use the “less is more” approach for improved sales and communication.

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In This Episode:

[01:40] –  Scenario #1. Offers and packages. Nikki recently put together a comprehensive one-on-one coaching package. She wanted to give it all, so she included a bunch of additional features.

[02:29] –  She received feedback from someone who didn't sign up because they didn't have time to take advantage of all the extras she added to the package, even though they actually needed one-on-one coaching.

[03:10] –  Sometimes, we want to throw everything into the offer, yet it can actually slow down the sales process.

[05:45] –  Scenario #2. “Less is more” works in your favor during your sales conversations.

[06:28] –  Educating potential customers about everything you know can overwhelm them and prevent sales.

[07:01] –  More is more will slow people down or overwhelm them, and they'll find someone else who made it easier for them to buy.

[08:02] –  Don't give advice or coach during your consultation calls. Great responses include, “That is a fantastic question. That is definitely something that we will cover in your strategy session.”

[10:19] –  What about this would be helpful for you to know? What haven't we covered yet that you would like more information on?

[11:47] –  Scenario #3. When you have to acknowledge or apologize for a misstep.

[13:13]—Be direct and apologize; don't share all of the details. In sales, it's about making things easy for the client and giving them the information they want.

[17:48] –  It's better just to acknowledge and apologize. Don't feel compelled to share all of the information and reasoning behind the mistake.

[20:19] –  When you find yourself in these scenarios, ask whether “less is more.”


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