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Do you ever have strategy sessions that go over time and you still don’t feel you have the information you need?

In today’s episode, Nikki is having an online coaching call with Laura Kebart, one of her Sales Maven Society members. Laura has a question that she needs Nikki’s support on about getting her potential clients to understand that even though they may think their needs will only take an hour, by the time you dig deep and figure out the issue, it can take much longer.

Laura is the CEO of two online businesses, Laura Kebart Copy and Language Arts Teachers. As a former teacher, she built a six-figure membership site business in the space. Now she guides online entrepreneurs in creating their own successful businesses through engaging copy that produces connections and results in revenue.

Upsell Opportunity…

Listen as Nikki and Laura discuss ways to up your game with discovery calls and strategy sessions. Why you should change the session time from sixty minutes to forty-five or fifty and how a pre-frame blueprint of what to discuss can help you lead the call in the direction you need to go. Nikki feels it will serve both you and the client if you set some boundaries with your time.

Nikki shares that concentrating on one part of the issue and giving the client what they need for that one thing will allow them time to implement what you suggested. Sometimes less is more. You don’t want to lay it all out and overwhelm them; it is better to focus on one small part at a time. Nikki also believes that you should wrap up every call by asking them what their takeaway was, you may find something you didn’t realize was helpful. All of this will help you see your upsell opportunity with this client.

Laura says she has found the most value in the Sales Maven Society by having Nikki drop sales nuggets every time she is on. She feels that they are all learning the just right language of sales from Nikki, and she couldn’t be more grateful. Do you want to learn how to use the language of sales? Listen to this podcast and go to the Sales Maven Society to join.

In This Episode:

[01:05] Welcome to the show, Laura!

[01:44] Laura shares a little about herself and her businesses.

[04:02] Laura, what is your question? How can I support you today?

[04:21] Then, Laura shares that she has people that want more than what they think they need.

[05:45] Is this during the discovery call and then the proposal or the strategy session?

[07:41] Nikki’s suggestion is to change her strategy sessions to make them either 45 mins or 50 min.

[08:46] Nikki also believes that she should do a pre-frame for how the meeting should go.

[11:06] They chat about how to best serve the client by giving them boundaries.

[12:12] Nikki believes that if you give people space to implement what you shared with them, they will call you for more because they see how well it worked.

[14:17] Sometimes, less is more for people because it can feel overwhelming to them if you try to lay it all out at once.

[15:09] Nikki asks the people she has calls with what their takeaway from the session was.

[16:22] Often, people don’t have the takeaway you thought they would.

[19:03] How do you wrap up calls or meetings? Do you get feedback?

[20:21] What is one thing you have found value from being a member of the Sales Maven Society?

[22:51] Laura, thank you so much for being here today to speak about upsell opportunity!

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