You’re Right & Now You’ve Lost A Client


“Do you like to be right?”

Nikki is excited to bring you this episode of the Sales Maven podcast. She shares some stories, and some techniques for you to think about in your conversations when you think you're right and want to say something. You may find some new ways to think about your communication and have some new language to go with it.

“Sometimes being right isn’t the best thing.” It’s all about the relationship, and whether being right is helping the relationship or hurting it. You don’t want to push clients or customers away by shaming them because, as Brene Brown says, “If shaming worked, she would be the first person in line to do it.” 

This idea of being right, does it really serve you or does it cost you clients? Nikki wants you to start to notice the places where you feel compelled to point out where you are right, and someone else is wrong, catch yourself and decide how it serves the relationship. Ready to learn more? 

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In This Episode:

[00:43] Welcome to the show!

[01:22] Shout out to Mary Beth Simon for the five-star review.

[02:51] Do you like to be right? Even if it costs you a client?

[04:19] Nikki shares a story about a time she was placing an order.

[07:26] Shaming doesn’t work, so why do it.

[08:06] Nikki tells a story when she and her husband were at a hotel, and their key wouldn’t work.

[11:01] The response from the hotel was, you probably didn’t do it right.

[13:54] The only thing that was accomplished was they would never stay at that particular hotel again.

[15:53] In your own business, where are those places you are so adamant that you are right and want to point it out to the person?

[16:42] Nikki says that she has seen this issue in service-based business is when there is a creative component to what they provide.

[19:42] Nikki speaks about an offer she did recently, where she had complaints from people who purchased and how she responded.

[21:49] Listen as Nikki talks about a subtle situation she was involved in, where she used backtracking.

[24:50] This idea of being right, does it serve you, or does it cost you, clients?

[26:02] Nikki’s question for this episode is, how would you prefer to have this resolved?

[27:16] Nikki is going to do a training on this question inside the Sales Maven Society.

[28:29] Thank you for listening!

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