Build Credibility Quickly When Networking

Build Credibility: Do you love to network? Do you look forward to attending networking events? I asked these same questions while presenting to a networking group recently and not one person raised their hand.

The next question was, “How many of you network because you see the value of building your community and it’s where at least some of your business comes from?” Everyone in the room raised their hand.

A few weeks back while attending an event a friend leaned over and said, “I feel intimidated in this room of people.” Maybe you can relate? Networking for me is a struggle, I get the value of it and yet it’s hard to put myself out there somedays. As much as I enjoy connecting with amazing business professionals, walking into a room filled with people can be intimidating.

The advice I gave to my friend is a tip I’ve been using for a while and it is your savvy sales tip of the week!

Savvy Sales Tip: Building Credibility


It’s just that simple! A great rapport builder and helps build credibility quickly. Go give it a try at your next event and let me know how it works for you! I’d love to hear about your experience.



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build credibility

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