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It’s time to build a sales team training program that will positively impact your team’s sales results.

  •  Does your Sales Team want additional skills for connecting with Sales Team Training potential clients?
  • Is your Sales Team apprehensive about asking for a sale?
  • Would your Sales Team benefit from an influx of new energy & ideas?
    Is repeat business important to your success?


Keynote Speaker

Looking for an engaging, informative speaker for your next corporate sales meeting?  Nikki will bring her extensive knowledge of sales to your event.  She will motivate and educate all with a good dose of fun.

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What They Say

Suzanne McKechnie, Executive Director Chateau at Valley Center

“Nikki was genuine, knowledgeable, fun and easily drew even our shyest team members into the conversation. She hit on exactly what we needed and was respectful of our time. Very well received by all. Looking forward to bringing Nikki back to work with the team again!”

Kim Lang, Account Executive at Troxell Communications

“When I learned that I was going to have to attend yet another sales training, I simply thought it would be more of the same. Twenty years of sales techniques, training sessions, and workshops taught me that “Sales Training” was always the same just wrapped in a different package…and that was okay. I could not have been more wrong!!! Nikki’s sales techniques take a fork in the road. Her method is different and fresh. In lieu of the standard ‘overcoming obstacles’, ‘handling misconceptions’, and ‘closing the sale’, Nikki gives you the skill set to understand the psychology, if you will, of the sales process. The Sales Maven does not disappoint!!”

Joy Ingram, Executive Director at Clothes For Kids

“Nikki customized an amazing training for our board of directors. We have a number of new board members and as a small organization, one of our biggest challenges is building curiosity about our organization. Nikki’s training was just what we needed. She helped the board to understand that it was o.k. to talk about Clothes For Kids and gave them some great techniques to build stories and create curiosity. My favorite part of the training was about setting the intention. Nikki was great!”

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