Customer Experience Assessments

Customer Experience Assessments

Receive direct feedback & valuable insight about your customer’s experience.


  • Would improving a customer’s experience build your brand loyalty?
  • Is customer satisfaction important to you & to your clients? 
  • Are you interested in maximizing your overall sales per customer?

customer experience assessmentsSales Maven’s Customer Experience Assessments are customized to meet the specific needs of your business. Each session offers you:

  • Insight on what is working.
  • Ideas on possible refinements to enhance the overall customer experience & to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Suggestions on how to grow your overall sales per customer. 

Customer Experience Assessment sessions can include:

  • Attending your event(s).
  • Visiting your place of business & assuming the role of a new customer.
  • Listening, reviewing, & offering suggestions on your sales presentation.

A detailed feedback form is provided to assist you in creating an action plan for your success.