Target Sales Coaching with Nikki Rausch


Hope is not a sales strategy.

Actually, it often is a strategy (just not an effective one).

Here’s a strategy that is effective. Just the two of us, working together to light your sales world on fire.

Sound intriguing?

Let me invite you to consider:

  •  Illumination Coaching
  • Ignition Coaching
  • Booster Coaching
  • GASP (Group Accelerator Sales Program)
  • Sales Strategy Coaching Calls

Private Coaching Options

Illumination Experience

The Illumination experience is unlike any other sales coaching you will find. This highly immersive program was developed for the entrepreneur who insists on excellence and wants to create success across all parts of their business

Ignition Experience

The Ignition experience is ideal for enlightened entrepreneurs ready to take their business to the next level. Over the course of 60 days, I’ll show you how to improve your business in ways that not only feel authentic but also get results.

Booster Coaching

An alternative to the Illumination and Ignition Coaching experiences, Booster Coaching might be exactly the shot in the arm your business needs.

Semi-Private Coaching Options


For the first time, I’m available to work with entrepreneurs like you in a group setting, at a small fraction of the investment you’d make in private coaching.

Rather than spending time, energy, and money at a series of one-size-fits-none conferences and trainings, GASP creates solutions to your most pressing sales challenges in one single and effective day.

Together, we’ll create solutions to move you forward-whether your challenge is finding the right language when asking for the sale, determining which products and services return the most bang for your buck, or creating an offer that will knock the socks off your prospects.

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I wish that everyone would use Nikki’s way to sell stuff. If everyone did then “sales” wouldn’t have such a bad image, and the phrase “coming across as salesy” would actually mean that you were listened to, taken care of, and offered the best product to suit your needs and desires.

Nicole Lux-Ritchie, Luxcentric

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Strategy Session

Need help with something specific? Book a strategy session with Nikki for targeted sales coaching to get the support and solutions you’re looking for.

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Virtual classes designed to improve particular sales tactics and use specific tools. Boost your confidence and sell more in your business. A new masterclass is offered each quarter.