Group Accelerator Program

Put your foot on the gas


You know what happens when you put a match to gasoline?

Whoosh! Gasp! Wowzer! 

The match is an accelerant, so BIG things happen … just as they do in the Group Sales Accelerator Program.

GASP is an intensive, focused, one-day experience limited to a handful of individuals focused on improving their sales.

In your 30-minute segment, you’ll share questions, challenges, and concerns.  And I’ll respond with ideas and inspiration to ignite your results.

GASP is for you if you…

  • Want additional sales support on specific issues or techniques
  • Have a one-time event, initiative, or opportunity that requires your very best effort (and you want a little help to make the most of it)
  • Enjoy intensive, small-group coaching experiences
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Live Coaching

We’ll meet live for this intense collaborative coaching experience. The group will work together to solve all your challenges.

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Intimate Setting

To ensure that everyone gets the focus they deserve, our group is limited to only six participants.

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30-minute spotlight

Each member will have 30 minutes in the spotlight. That means 30 minutes of focused time, working on your business challenges.

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Learn from Others

You’ll receive the added benefit of hearing Nikki coach your fellow participants on their sales challenges. You may learn as much during those as you will during your own.

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I wish that everyone would use Nikki’s way to sell stuff. If everyone did then “sales” wouldn’t have such a bad image, and the phrase “coming across as salesy” would actually mean that you were listened to, taken care of, and offered the best product to suit your needs and desires.

Nicole Lux-Ritchie, Luxcentric


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