How To Increase Profit Margins & Relationships

how to increase profit margins

As you close out 2019 and gear up for 2020, are you thinking about how to increase profit margins? What else will improve in your business and in your life when you’re able to significantly increase the profit in your business? How much of that growth would you like to come from long-term client relationships?

In this episode of Untapped with host, Natalie Sisson, we discuss this topic in detail. First, we will discuss the 5 steps of selling staircase. Then, we teach you how to put these steps in action. Lastly, we discuss recognizing buying signals and how to respond to them.

Natalie is a New Zealand entrepreneur, author, speaker, lover of handstands, and a triathlete. She’s also insightful and super fun. Give it a listen: Listen Now

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to increase profit margins using the 5 steps of the Selling Staircase
  • How to create a positive first impression that establishes a real connection
  • The difference between using a ‘cat-calling’ and ‘dog-calling’ technique to create curiosity
  • Why and how to propose the services that our client needs, not what we think they can afford
  • How to recognize and respond to buying signals


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Wishing you continued success in all you’re doing right now in your business.

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how to increase profit margins

how to increase profit margins

how to respond to a no from a prospect