Listen, as Nikki and her guest Maureen Taylor, the Photo Detective, a speaker, and a Sales Maven Society member discuss how she implemented Nikki’s tips and suggestions and became more confident and profitable than she has ever been in the many years she has had her business, how to make your free webinar profitable,  plus much more on this episode of the Sales Maven Show.

Listen, as Maureen shares how she felt about sales and selling before she started working with Nikki, the strategy sessions where Nikki suggested email sequences for her free training webinar. Maureen was all in, did what Nikki said, and increased her webinar’s attendance from 20 the previous fall to 800 just recently; from that 800, about 14% purchased the offer she put out. THAT is how you make a free webinar profitable. 

How To Make Your Free Webinar Profitable Continued…


Nikki believes you should contact the people on your list, make them feel you are having a conversation with them, and only make one offer at a time. Listen, as Maureen shares the advice she would give someone who is struggling with their own sales process and how rewarding it is to receive a personal message from someone on your list that appreciates what you are doing.

As usual, Nikki shared what she knows, and Maureen implemented what she learned. Using Nikki’s suggestions, Maureen increased her confidence and sales to make her business more profitable. You don’t want to miss this client success episode.

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In This Episode:

  • [01:06] Maureen, welcome to the show!
  • [01:28] Listen as Maureen shares her background and what her company is about.
  • [02:06] Maureen discusses how she helps clients find historical details in family photos that they may miss and finds out how they go together with their family story.
  • [04:03] Maureen speaks to groups about family photographs, family history, and how to preserve and organize pictures.
  • [05:32] How did you feel about sales and selling before you and Nikki started working together?
  • [07:57] Nikki recommends that you listen to the Speaking Your Brand podcast with Carol Cox.
  • [09:50] Maureen talks about the email sequences that Nikki told her she needed to do in one of their strategy sessions.
  • [11:04] Listen as Maureen speaks about the free training she did called Tackle Your Photographs.
  • [12:39] After using Nikki’s strategies, Maureen had 800 people sign up for her free webinar.
  • [15:28] Maureen put out an offer and had numerous buyers from the webinar. 
  • [18:26] Nikki believes that you should make one offer at a time.
  • [19:26] “Love me or hate me, but there is no money in the middle.”
  • [22:03] People should feel like you are having a conversation with them when they get an email from you.
  • [24:02] What advice would you give someone who is struggling with their own sales process?
  • [27:03] Nothing feels better than a personal message from someone on your email list.
  • [28:11] Maureen speaks about the last strategy session she had with Nikki that led to up sales.
  • [31:05] Maureen just celebrated 100 episodes on her Photo Detective podcast!
  • [31:47] Thank you so much for being on the show!



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