Is It A Favor?

helping hand

When someone tells you after the fact that they did you a favor how do you generally respond? Most likely you’re grateful.


However, what if the person acts a little put out by doing you a favor even if you didn’t ask or expect the favor in the first place? Do you start to feel guilty or maybe slightly irritated by their response?


Doing favors for prospects/clients is a great way to build rapport and customer loyalty. However, the way in which you inform a prospect/client of the favor can either draw people to you or push them away.


Check out this week’s Sales Tip regarding doing favors.



Being the kind of person who goes above and beyond for your clients is a sure fire way to build long-term customer relationships. Please keep in mind as you go forward, the “how” you say things to a customer may very well determine how they receive your extra efforts.


Wishing you continued success this week.


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