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finally happened



For the last few years, people have been asking about this, and today, it’s finally happened. The Sales Maven Podcast has officially launched. The purpose behind launching this podcast is to continue to deliver sales tips, techniques, and strategies to support, which will help you in bringing more revenue into your business.


The format of the show is:

• solo episodes where I’ll break down sales concepts and offer suggestions and challenges to close more sales

• on-air coaching sessions with members of the Sales Maven Society – the on-air coaching sessions are an opportunity for you to sit back, listen and observe the advice and suggestions and then apply these to your own business


There will be new episodes weekly which means lots of great learning opportunities and some special gifts for listeners.


The first four episodes are live and available for you to start listening now.


Then, as a valued member of the Sales Maven Community, would you be willing to do one or more of these things?

  1. Subscribe to the podcast
  2. Rate & Review the podcast
  3. Share it on Social Media or with a friend


For anyone who Rates and Reviews the podcast, there’s a special incentive going on through the end of April 2020. Your participation will result in a chance to win! There will be four chances to win a mini-coaching session with me (Valued at $195).


To be entered into the drawing:

  1. Rate & Review the Sales Maven Podcast
  2. Take a picture of your review
  3. Send an email with the picture attached to

Super simple and your reviews are deeply appreciated.


Thank you for your support. It means the world to me. I can’t believe this has finally happened! Wishing you continued success in all of your sales conversations and above all success in business.

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Finally happened

finally happened

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