Level Up Your Launch Sales Program

Get A 911 Sales Rescue Operator in Your Back Pocket


Learn the skills, strategies, and tools you need to launch without the pressure of ‘SELLING.’

Master the art of selling by using a proven strategy that aligns with who you are, AND gets you into the mindset of the person you’re selling to.


Organizations spend a lot of money on launch strategists, ads, sales pages, and copywriters that talk “at” people.

Unless you’ve learned how to create conversation to make selling a collaborative experience, then getting to the “Yes” is never going to be as easy for you AND for your client as it could be.

It's time to learn an effective, authentic, selling process for your launch.

You can make sales naturally, without pressure or shame.

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As the CEO of my company and the final decision maker, it’s reassuring to have a trusted expert to touch base with and receive immediate feedback.

Working with Nikki for my last launch was like having a safety net, knowing I had her available to advise during our high-touch sales process which includes enrolling new clients and retaining current clients. Nikki not only provided 911 advisory feedback but also reviewed our sales pages and offered insightful language edits that better engage our potential clients. She delivered her feedback in a way that was not only kind but easy for my team to immediately implement. Nikki is someone I value and trust. She brings a unique and caring perspective to the sales process that is refreshing and her suggestions always deliver the results we are seeking.


Get on Board and Level Up Your Launch Sales!

In today’s digital and online marketing age, you have more launch guidance at your disposal than ever before…

    • Courses on list building
    • Expert webinars (#funnelfatigue, anyone?)
    • Gurus urging urgency in your copy


It’s not that these strategies are wrong. It’s just that very often they don’t consider the most important aspect of the launch journey.

Create relationships built on rapport – and sales follow.


Talking “with” people sets you and your messaging apart and gets people excited to work with you.


Relationships built on rapport will significantly increase the lifetime value of your client.

Learn to strategize with radical self-acceptance.

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A simple way to build rapport with perspective clients and deepen your rapport with existing clients is to learn how to get in sync. When it takes less energy (when you are in-sync), your client’s ability to pay attention, converse and ask questions increases. Rapport building with customers is a big part of sales and is huge for maintaining the relationship.


Level Up Your Launch Sales is like having a 911 sales rescue operator in your pocket

The Level Up Your Launch sales process is a holistic, and highly repeatable, consulting service that gives you peace of mind knowing that you’re on the verge of…

    • Breaking through your sales plateau
    • Experiencing the ease in your business you’ve been craving
    • Making selling so natural you don’t have to think about it
    • Creating sales pages and emails to better engage your potential clients
    • Having the perfect response to questions and concerns
    • Answering objections in an honest, kind and intentional way – knowing that any sales baggage coming into the conversation doesn’t get in the way
Leveling Up your launch sales process also means developing a kind and generous sensitivity to what people are thinking and feeling, and then reframing the conversation to their perspective
And ultimately being in the perfect, ease-filled and confident position to create more meaningful relationships through conversation – the foundation of every sales success story.

Learn to strategize with radical self-acceptance.

Gain strategies, efficiencies, and peace of mind. Believe in bigger things for yourself and what’s possible for your business.

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I’m a 7 figure business owner – and my sales started dropping. I know I needed business development and sales advice - I can attribute $100,000 to the work Nikki and I did together.


Level Up Your Launch Sales

Are you a best-in-class business owner, and you’re looking to get your phone blinking with sales notifications for your next launch? Here’s what you’ll get access to first:


that dives deep into what you’re offering, how you’re offering it, and tweaks to set it up for success


that involves tweaks and fine-tuning that you never considered before, to open up the floodgates to greater intimacy, empathy, and sales


for all your sales questions, and for complete moral support in moments where you doubt yourself. She makes you feel like you can do anything and shows you how to do things you’ve never done before.

Then Nikki guides you toward:

    • Asking questions in emails that actually get responses
    • Solving the gap between you and your prospect in a way that feels kind and open-hearted
    • Being more flexible and nimble so you can make adjustments on the fly and make it all work.

Nikki is ready to Level Up Your Launch

The selling process doesn’t have to be complicated, hard, or awkward. It can be easy. Simple. And feel so good.

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This is a highly personalized and tailored service where Nikki will help you create a structured plan, give feedback on all your emails, review previous webinar recordings so that next time you can make more of an impact, reframe your thoughts, tweak your words, show you a softer way to say this, a more direct way to say that, smooth the edges, show you where to interject stories…she made sales feel like a chat with friends.


With Sales Consulting for Your Launch You Get:

Activate your Sales Foundations

Valued at $795

In a 50-minute live, private session with Nikki, you'll discuss all things launch. You'll immediately get clarity on the language you use to:

  • Frame your offer
  • Tell the world you serve
  • Explain how you get your clients results

From this new place of clarity, you’ll immediately know what your copy should be doing and saying, and you’ll go into sales calls with more confidence because you’ll be on the front foot.

You'll come away with a communication vehicle that you love and that you’re comfortable putting out into the world and the confidence that if people choose not to respond to you, it’s because they don’t need your services and not because you used the wrong sales tactics.

Accelerate your Sales Potential

Valued at $1,595

This includes review and feedback via Google Doc suggestions of the email sequence promoting your offer. Is there anything better than the sweet relief of knowing you don’t have to do something daunting all on your own?

The reviews and feedback you'll get from Nikki will:

  • Ensure you use the words that encourage people to buy (and not the words you want to use, because that’s all you know)
  • Be a golden support system for your copywriter and the rest of your team, as she works alongside them to make your emails pop off the page
  • Answer all the sales questions that you normally have to field from your team

She’ll also review & refine any swipe copy for affiliates to use to promote your launch.

Mastering the art of the Sales Page

Valued at $1,595


  • How long should it be?
  • What should I say?
  • How do I structure it?

Nikki provides a review and feedback of your sales page, so you methodically craft a sales page every single time you launch…no stabbing in the dark ever again.

The never-get-stuck-again webinar review

Valued at $1,595

Picture this: you’ve put together a webinar. You have worked tirelessly on it. Many, many hours spent, way too much coffee consumed. How does that feel?

Nikki provides a review and feedback of your webinar and all your slides, with proven tips to guarantee your webinar is relaxed, casual, story-driven, and moves through the sales portion with ease.

"I need help right now" Voxer access

Valued at $2,995

Possibly the most valuable part of this experience is the 30 days of Voxer access for you and your team (Group Voxer). At the touch (and hold) of a button, you can ask any and all sales questions related to the launch. In the moment. Every time.

And get a decisive answer that points you forward.

Mid-launch course-correct session

Valued at $795

This 50-minute live, private discussion is to check in and discuss what’s working and what needs to be adjusted to keep your launch on track.

Two 911 live sessions

Valued at $395

These sessions are for any urgent issues that arise during the launch where you or your team need some face time with Nikki. This is an opportunity for Nikki & you (or your team member) to look through things together and talk it out.

The "What worked" webinar review

Valued at $1,595

Nikki provides a review and feedback of your live training/webinar to show you what you did well so that you can do more of that next time. She’ll also kindly give you suggestions on things that you might want to change, leave out, or add in on your next launch.

The wrap-up

Valued at $795

This 50-minute live, private discussion at the close of the cart allows you to chat through what worked, what to change next time around, and how you can repeat the process for every subsequent launch.


With Sales Consulting for Your Launch You ALSO Get:

Instant Sales Maven Society membership for 6 months

Valued at $895

This system is going to take you from fear to clear, without requiring you to learn scripts, be disingenuous, or completely change how you show up with your clients.

Two tickets to two masterclasses in 12 months

Valued at $1,590

All masterclasses are designed to give you more influence in all of your sales conversations.

Guest on the Sales Maven Podcast

Literally priceless

Guesting on the podcast alone will make you your money back!



At this point, you may have questions. And that’s good! So, you have two options:

Option 1: Still have some questions, let’s jump on a quick call and get them answered for you.

Option 2: Let’s get started. Sign up now. Nikki can’t wait to support you.