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Keynote Speaker Nikki Rausch

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Sample Speaking Topics Include

Buying Signals: Converting Casual Conversations Into Sales

  • Increase your likability and credibility quickly when meeting someone new
  • Learn to recognize the subtle cues people give when they’re interested in doing business
  • Know what to say when you get a buying signal to move clients into action


Selling Without Being Salesy

  • Increase your likability and credibility without saying a word
  • Avoid the #1 mistake people make when making a first impression
  • The question you should ask every client
  • Learn to recognize buying signals and what to say when you get one
  • Reasons people say no and how to increase clients saying “yes”


5 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Sales & What To Do Instead
  • 5 common mistakes that cost you business
  • How to move clients into action
  • Simple tips that increase your sales


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Hiring Nikki for sales training is a smart investment in your business that you will not regret. She teaches easy to implement techniques that you can start using right away.

– Julie Fry
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