Sunday Tollefson – Fierce Success Advocate for Women and Girls

Nikki presented an outstanding, moving segment for the in-studio audience at the women’s event I run, Inspired Success: Empowering Emerging Leaders. In fact, in the post-event surveys, audience members rated her as their favorite out of 12 speakers that day. And for good reason. She knocked the ball out of the park, so to speak. She inspired everyone in the studio, was delightfully likable, and provided truly actionable strategies for our audience members. Thank you, Nikki! Here’s to your success!

Cyndi O’Neill-Dady – Founder & CEO, Exceptional Connections

Molly Schlobohm – Vice President of Sales & Service Argosy Cruises & Tillicum Village

As a sales leader for a medium sized business in Seattle, I have found it challenging to find quality sales training locally. Before meeting Nikki Rausch, at a National Association of Women MBAs education event, we were spending considerable time/money sending new sales executives out of state for training. After spending only an hour with Nikki it became clear she has a successful and extensive background in sales and knows how to take that experience and teach others. I booked Nikki to come out and do sales training with a diverse group of managers at my company. The group was a mix of both Guest Service and Sales managers with experience levels ranging from early career to 20+ year veterans. Admittedly, I was a little nervous how it would go given the wide range of people in the room. It only took about 10 minutes to see and hear all the attendees in the room engaged and learning. The next day I did not even have to ask the managers what they thought of the training because they came to tell me. They loved how she used stories and real world examples to explain buying signals and techniques for overcoming obstacles. She is clearly very intelligent and is able to speak directly to people, not at them or over them. Even the veterans were impressed and said they learned something new! You can tell she is genuinely interested in others success. Bottom line, I cannot recommend Nikki Rausch enough. My team and I cannot wait to have her back in again in the fall!

Julie Fry – Chief Mom Officer, Business Among Moms

The best part of Nikki’s sales presentation is that she takes time to understand and connect with the audience. She customizes her sales presentation to be relevant to the people in the room so that they can get the maximum value.Our members were thrilled with her presentation and I have had rave reviews as well as requests for the more presentations from Nikki of Sales Maven. Hiring Nikki for sales training is a smart investment in your business that you will not regret. She teaches easy to implement techniques that you can start using right away.

Donna Isaacson on Nikki Rausch’s Keynote Speech

Suzanne Mckechnie – Executive Director, Chateau at Valley Center

Nikki was genuine, knowledgeable, fun and easily drew even our shyest team members into the conversation. She hit on exactly what we needed and was respectful of our time. Very well received by all. Looking forward to bringing Nikki back to work with the team again!

Testimonial from Howard Howell on Nikki Rausch’s Keynote Speech

Brittany Caldwell – Executive Director, Greater Bothell Chamber of Commerce

Excellent and valuable were some of the compliments we received about Nikki Rausch’s presentation at our recent Luncheon Event. Nikki spoke to 80+ professionals about her tips for “Selling Without Being Salesy.” She presented them in an informed yet enjoyable manner that stimulated continual engagement from listeners. On a business side, Nikki was very communicative, punctual, and well-prepared which we appreciated. I recommend Nikki Rausch of Sales Maven as a speaker.

Kristin Winslow – Attendee

Heather Visca – Founder Foxfire Events

Nikki Rausch is a top notch presenter! Not only is her content relevant to a wide array of guests but her presentation style is engaging and fun to watch. From an event planner standpoint, I really appreciated how easy it was to work with Nikki. She was prompt in communication, easy going, professional and had a great attitude! I look forward to working with Nikki Rausch again in the future. She is a true professional and highly recommend her!

Annie Goni-Stewart – Executive Managing Director, eWomen Network – Reno

What a pleasure to introduce Nikki Rausch to the eWomenNetwork community of Reno. With only 20 minutes to deliver a powerful message, she dug right in and provided 5 tips attendees could walk away with and implement. She is truly a pleasure to work with and a great resource. I would highly recommend her.

Teresa Nickell – Owner, Coeur d’ Alene Baking

After hearing Nikki speak at a workshop I attended, I hired her do a training for my company focused on recognizing buying signals and what do when you get one from a client. All of my staff that interact with customers were in attendance from the drivers, front office staff, production, sales and management. This training was tailored to our needs, full of easy to implement skills and allowed for a lively discussion across departments on how best to serve our customers. The time and money was well spent to invest in our future growth. These skills will be invaluable for years to come.