Sales Maven Podcast with Nikki Rausch

Boost Your Confidence and Close More Sales


You can create sales success without feeling pushy and without fear of rejection.

Nikki Rausch will tell you how. She is a sales strategist and coach with more than 25 years of sales experience and is master certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming — this a radically different approach to selling.

It’s a no sleaze, no slime, and no stress approach to building your business.

*The Sales Maven podcast does not accept guest pitches.

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schedule for business success, sales strategies, business strategies

Crafting a Profitable Visionary Schedule for Business Success

Are you feeling stuck in endless busy work? Are you pushing your biggest goals aside, only to feel drained at the end of the day?…

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storytelling techniques, sales strategies, sales help

Mastering Storytelling Techniques To Boost Your Business Impact

Do you have a “Tiny Story”?  The kind of story your audience will tune into while becoming your biggest fan. If you're still finding your…

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When to Use The “Less Is More” Approach In Sales

What is your success rate? Would you like it to go up? Today, Nikki shares an approach designed to do exactly that. It's the “less…

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Scaling Business Through Automation & Delegation

Time is one of our scarcest resources.  As entrepreneurs, effectively managing time frees us to focus on strategic activities to grow our sales and business.…

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the ceo role, sales success

How Stepping Into The CEO Role Supports Sales

Nikki is thrilled to share another Sales Success Story from one of her brilliant, amazing, and very talented Sales Maven Society members, Patricia Viscount. In…

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branding for introverts

Branding For Introverts

Today’s episode is part of Nikki’s Mastering Excellence series, and Nikki is happy to be sitting down with Tanya Goodall Smith, author of The Introvert's…

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network opportunities

Maximizing Networking Opportunities

Nikki is happy to welcome Samantha Irwin to the podcast today! Today Nikki and Samantha discuss how key techniques learned in the Sales Maven Society…

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AI in Business

How To Use AI In Business While Still Delivering A High Touch Experience For Clients

Nikki welcomes Danielle LaFleur to the podcast this week. Danielle is a transformative keynote speaker with 30 years of experience in Marketing, IT, Network Design,…

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consult calls

Questions To Ask In Consult Calls

Nikki’s guest today is returning guest Jill Shroyer, the CEO and Lead HR Consultant at Expedition HR and they discuss how asking the right questions…

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