Sales Maven Podcast with Nikki Rausch

Boost Your Confidence and Close More Sales


You can create sales success without feeling pushy and without fear of rejection.

Nikki Rausch will tell you how. She is a sales strategist and coach with more than 25 years of sales experience and is master certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming — this a radically different approach to selling.

It’s a no sleaze, no slime, and no stress approach to building your business.

*The Sales Maven podcast does not accept guest pitches.

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cold calling

Cold Calling Done Right: A Sales Success Story

Do you have your outreach strategy ready to go? Are you ready to implement your strategy at any time, or is the strategy a reactive…

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ideal client

How To Reach Your Ideal Client: On-Air Coaching Call

Connecting with an ideal client is about meeting the client at the right point. Whether connecting through a mutual contact, an event, or direct outreach,…

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Monetizing Your Superpower: Mastering Excellence Series

Are you monetizing your superpower in your business? You hold a service superpower, whether you’re aware of the skill or not. In fact, your unique…

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Does Size Matter – Email List Size

So, does size matter? Despite larger numbers being perceived as popularity or success, the size of an email list is less influential than the quality…

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stand alone product

Creating A Stand-Alone Product For Corporate Clients

Everything’s there. Main ideas, strategies, and approaches naturally emerge while developing more experience in providing a service or value to clients. How can these principles…

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sales conversations

Sales Conversations: Speaking With Credibility & Authority

How are you navigating your sales conversations? Words are very powerful when thinking of how people perceive information.  In fact, vocabulary shifts the influence we hold…

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NLP Technique

NLP Technique To Ask Better Sales Questions: A Sales Success Story

Clients can feel weary and nervous when having sales conversations with you, even if they don’t show it visibly. This NLP technique can help. What…

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How To Push Through A Stereotype & Achieve Success: Mastering Excellence Series

Ultimately, being authentic is directly related to sales. That’s the core of this episode’s lesson, but you don’t want to miss the tips throughout the…

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wording design

Wording Design For Your Subscription Package: Sales Success Story

Having a proposal that is written clearly makes it easier for clients to commit to your offer. Wording design is essential. Your very own Sales…

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