Sales Maven Podcast with Nikki Rausch

Boost Your Confidence and Close More Sales


You can create sales success without feeling pushy and without fear of rejection.

Nikki Rausch will tell you how. She is a sales strategist and coach with more than 25 years of sales experience and is master certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming — this a radically different approach to selling.

It’s a no sleaze, no slime, and no stress approach to building your business.

*The Sales Maven podcast does not accept guest pitches.

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best time to

The Best Time To Sell To Prospects

When’s the last time you had an awesome call with a prospect who gave you all the buying signals, but the sale didn't come through?…

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earn business, sales tips, sales hacks

Three Easy Ways To Earn Business

It’s up to you to earn the business you receive, and it doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, that’s why it’s essential to make…

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revenue driving, sales tips, sales hacks

Revenue Driving Sales Hacks

Selling skills will give you positive returns for years to come. Soon, you’ll have an archive of go-to selling strategies that consistently give your sales…

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Benjamin Franklin Effect, sales help, sales strategies

How To Use The Benjamin Franklin Effect To Increase Sales

Among the many ways to build rapport, there’s a technique that results in a double benefit for you. The technique is called The Benjamin Franklin…

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Email subscribers, marketing online, email marketing, email list strategies

How To Convert Followers Into Email Subscribers

What are the most important details to know about your audience? It may be time to review your latest content and data if a few…

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sales calls, sales maven, sales strategies, sales in business

How To Easily Get Paid On Sales Calls

Asking for payments from your clients shouldn’t be a hassle. You may try to have a process in place, like sending an invoice, only to…

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lead a sales team, sales maven, sales coach, sales advice

How To Lead A Sales Team: Mastering Excellence Series

Leadership is not only about the people who report to you directly. Every level of your sales team contributes in a special way, and each…

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generating new business

Generating New Business With Confidence

You’ll be surprised with how far a basic plan can take your business. Then again, it’s the simple things that are the hardest to do…

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hosting a summit, sales maven, sales coach, business success, business growth

Hosting A Summit Successfully: On-Air Coaching

Placing an offer on your site is passive promotion. Potential clients won’t be able to engage with your offers if they don’t know the offers…

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