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Are you ready to boost your confidence when selling so you’re able to close more deals?

Nikki Rausch will show you how to build a foundation of skills – and a mindset – that create sales success without feeling pushy or “salesy, and without fear of rejection”

She is a sales strategist and coach with more than 25 years of sales experience and is master certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

This a radically different approach to selling.

It’s a no sleaze, no slime, and no stress approach to building your business.

This is the “Sales Maven” podcast.

*Thank you for your interest in being a guest, we are not accepting pitches at this time.

How To Sell Your Services By Creating Curiosity

Are conversations around how to sell your services difficult for you? Listen to Nikki’s on-air coaching call with Tresa Leftenant, a Sales Maven Society member and the Founder of Reinventing Her Money and the Author of Reinventing Her: Helping Women Plan, Pursue and...

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Negotiating a Sale: Are You Being Too Pushy?

Do you consider yourself a good negotiator? Or, are you being too pushy while negotiating a sale? Nikki says that the person who has the most flexibility in a conversation has the most influence. Think about how you show up to a negotiation. Are you flexible, or do...

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Creating a Business Culture Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Post shut down. Do you have a fresh perspective on your business and where you want to take it? Creating a business culture can be a little tricky. Nikki is having an on-air coaching call with Rebecca Tamm, a Sales Maven Society member. Rebecca has been a massage...

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How To Respond To A No From A Prospect

Does being told no make you uncomfortable? Listen, as Nikki shares some language to use in a few different scenarios so that when this happens, you know how to respond to a no from a prospect, can shrug it off, and move forward. All on this episode of the Sales Maven...

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How To Make Your Consultation Calls Easier

Do you find that your consultation/discovery calls are the hardest part of the sales process? This episode is an on-air coaching call with one of Nikki’s good friends, a longtime accountability partner, and a Sales Maven Society member, Julie Fry. Julie needs some...

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Prospects In Sales- How To Reach Prospects When Selling

Does the thought of prospecting make you cringe? Listen, as Nikki shares her tips and strategies for how to reach prospects in sales, in a way that will make people want to do business with you. Nikki discusses three ways that she recommends warming up your prospects...

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The Pitfalls of Selling Past The Close

Selling past the close is a term used when you give people an out before closing the sale. Nikki and her guest Kim Carlisle, a Sales Maven Society member, have an on-air coaching call around why Kim does this and how she can change the way she handles the close...

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The Sales Tool You Need To Be Building Now

Can your email list be a gold mine for you? This can be your biggest sales tool! Listen, as Nikki shares that over 80% of her sales come from her email list, yes, she tracks this information, which is why she invests money, time, and energy into growing and nurturing...

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How To Sell A Want Vs. Selling A Need

Have you ever wanted to dig deeper into your family history? Listen, as Nikki and her guest Laurie Hermance-Moore, a Sales Maven Society member, have an on-air coaching call around this subject. Laurie is asking Nikki for help to figure out how to create interest and...

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How To Communicate In A Way That Drives Sales

Do you have a 'Go Fish' mentality? Do you know that that is? Listen as Nikki shares what she means by this along with how to communicate that will drive sales, counter tips that could cost you sales and actionable advice that you can use to grow your business, all on...

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Tailoring Your Sales Offer To What Your Client Needs Next

Do you know how to pre-frame a call with a client? Listen, as Nikki and her guest Teresa McCloy have an on-air coaching call about how Teresa can guide clients into the business side of what she does and move them to the next level. Teresa is a member of the Sales...

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Everybody Fails In The Sales Process Including Me

Sales Process Fails Do you feel you are failing when it comes to making sales? Listen, as Nikki shares, some of her most significant sales process fails, and lessons she has learned over the years. Isn't it interesting how it makes us feel better when we find out...

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