Sales Maven Podcast with Nikki Rausch

Boost Your Confidence and Close More Sales


You can create sales success without feeling pushy and without fear of rejection.

Nikki Rausch will tell you how. She is a sales strategist and coach with more than 25 years of sales experience and is master certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming — this a radically different approach to selling.

It’s a no sleaze, no slime, and no stress approach to building your business.

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Sales maven podcast - how to get away from doing customized offers with Melanie Richards

How To Get Away From Doing Customized Offers: On-Air Coaching Call

Do customized offers take more of your time than you like? On this episode of the Sales Maven podcast, Nikki is working with Melanie Richards.…

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Building Community with Tracey Warren

Building Community: On-Air Coaching Call

On this episode of the Sales Maven podcast, Nikki works with Tracey Warren, a longtime friend, client, and society member. Tracey wants to know how…

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When and how to share client stories to build credibility with Janey Stahl

How to Share Client Stories to Build Credibility: An On-Air Coaching Call

Do you know how to sell yourself and the value you bring? On this episode of the Sales Maven podcast, Nikki and her guest Janey…

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Cross Selling with Jessica Morrison

Cross-Selling: An On-Air Coaching Call

Cross-selling: Are you ready for another on-air coaching call? On this episode of Your Sales Maven podcast, Nikki and her guest Jessica Morrison, a web…

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Accelerate Sales with This Tip

Accelerate Sales With This Tip

Do you know how to accelerate your sales? Listen, as Nikki shares some tips and tricks to help you with this process. Nikki shares some…

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Prospecting with Rocio Baeza

Prospecting: A Sales Success Story

On this episode of Your Sales Maven podcast, Nikki and her guest Rocio Baeza, the Founder and CEO of CyberSecurityBase, discuss her success with selling…

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Business Development Through Introductions

Business Development Through Introductions – The Do’s and Don’ts

Business Development Through Introductions: Do you have someone who is willing to make an introduction on your behalf? Nikki says that asking for introductions is…

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How to make your free webinar profitable with Maureen Taylor

How To Make Your Free Webinar Profitable: A Client Success Story

Meet Maureen Taylor, the Photo Detective, and learn how to make your free webinar profitable Listen as Nikki and her guest Maureen Taylor, the Photo…

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Confidence in Selling with Tori Levine

Confidence In Selling: On Air Coaching Call

“Do something before the call to make you the best version of yourself.” Listen to Nikki’s on-air coaching call with Tori Levine, a Sales Maven…

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