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Go Pitch Yourself Podcast

Podcasts For Sales: Generating Leads With Podcast Interviews Podcasts for sales are certainly turning in to a huge way to generate leads! When’s the last…


Sweet Life Entrepreneur Podcast

What To Say, When, & Why You’ll Actually Love It Do you ever find yourself not knowing what to say in sales? Did you design…

how to not suck at sales

Biz Women Rock Podcast

How To Not Suck At Sales With These Tips Have you ever said to yourself or someone else, “I suck at sales”? This is one…

Closing the sale with Nikki Rausch

The Biz Chix Podcast

Episode 386: Closing the Sales with Nikkie Rausch Do you lack the confidence and the ‘natural flair’ for sales? A huge part of running a…


She Thinks Big Podcast

How To Leverage Your Network To Create More Clients Are you doing what you need to do to leverage your network? When’s the last time…

Bombshell Business Podcast

Bombshell Business Podcast with Amber Hurdle

Episode 81: How to Sell Authentically with Nikki Rausch Listen as they discuss: What the ‘Selling Staircase’ is How the 5 steps build on each…

Confidence In Sales

Gift Biz Unwrapped Podcast

Confidence In Sales: Take the Scary Out What part (if any) of the selling process feels scary, uncomfortable, or just plain confusing? What will happen…

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Your Brand Podcast

Speaking Engagements & Selling Do you use speaking as a way to gain more clients? Have you ever struggled with how to sell from the…

How to Train a sales team

Stacking Your Team Podcast

How To Train A Sales Team: From Hiring To Training Do you struggle with closing the sale? Do you need to know how to train…