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balance of power

Balance Of Power In Sales And Why It’s Important

How do you strike a balance of power in a sales situation? Have you heard me say a million times that as a salesperson or…

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Skill set, skillset, sales strategy, sales skills, sales maven, sales coach

How Your Skill Set Leads To Money In The Bank

Did you know honing in on your individualized skill set is essential for business success? A skill set refers to the combination of skills, knowledge,…

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how to create an action plan, sales tips, sales strategy, sales maven

How To Create An Action Plan In 3 Easy Steps

In business, figuring out how to create an action plan is critical for success. An action plan is a roadmap to outline the steps needed…

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increase sales revenue, sales tips, sales maven, sales strategy,

Increase Sales Revenue With These 7 Steps

Are you looking to increase your sales revenue? It’s a common goal for businesses of all sizes and industries, and it can be challenging to…

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Ted Lasso, Sales Tips, business tips

Ted Lasso Business Tips You Might Not Have Noticed

If you haven’t seen the hit show “Ted Lasso,” you’re missing out on more than just a heartwarming and hilarious comedy. The show is full…

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price increase during a recession

Why You Should Consider A Price Increase During A Recession

In times of economic uncertainty, it’s common for business owners to be hesitant about raising prices. The fear of losing customers and revenue can be…

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Taylor Swift sales, sales maven, saleswoman

Taylor Swift Sales: An Ultimate Saleswoman

Taylor Swift is a renowned artist, and she’s also an ultimate saleswoman. Taylor Swift sales include over 200 million albums sold worldwide, Swift has broken…

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email marketing, email sequence, sales maven

Email Sequence: Why A Well-Written One Is Key In Marketing

In today’s world, email has become one of the most commonly used forms of communication. It is used for personal communication as well as for…

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sales coach

Why A Sales Coach Is Crucial For Business Growth During A Recession

Running a business is no easy feat, especially during tough economic times such as a recession. Businesses must find ways to cut costs, increase revenue,…

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