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The Launch Strategy

The Launch Strategy When you put new products/services out into the marketplace, do you put a launch strategy in place? Have you ever gathered a team together to assist you in launching something? These past few weeks there have been questions about how I put together...

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No Funnels Here

No Funnels Here Have you ever heard of the sales funnel? The concept of filling a sales funnel is something many sales professionals have had hammered into us by our bosses for years. They love to tell people, “You’ve got to fill your sales funnel.” However, the...

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Selling To Serve

Selling To Serve   When's the last time you were able to be an observer in a conversation that was highly valuable? It's been my experience that being an observer in interesting conversations gives me time to process and decide how best to apply the content to my...

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The Little Efforts Make All The Difference

The Little Efforts Make All The Difference Have you read or heard about the book The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy?Years ago someone suggested I read it, and the message made so much sense that I continue to refer to the concept over and over again in my personal...

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Finding The Courage To Ask

Finding The Courage To Ask When’s the last time you held yourself back from asking for what you wanted because fear got in the way? Were you able to push through it? Did you ever end up asking or did you give up on your own desires?These last few months I’ve been...

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When Two Really Isn’t Better Than One

When Two Really Isn't Better Than One   When's the last time you said or heard someone say, "Two is better than one"? There are certain things where this statement certainly rings true. For instance, when you're talking about: leads referrals clients testimonials...

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Escalate Your Sales

Escalate Your Sales It was my great honor to be asked to come on to Amber De La Garza's Podcast, Productivity Straight Talk and discuss how to sell in a more productive and meaningful way.   In this episode, we break down The Selling Staircase and how to...

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Overcoming The Skeptics

When you read or hear about a new program that is promising never before seen results like, “Make Six Figures in Six Weeks” or “Lose 50 lbs. in 5 days,” do you believe it? Many of us know when it sounds too good to be true, it’s too good to be true. The result of...

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How To Know When You’re Giving Too Much Information

How To Know When You're Giving Too Much Information When’s the last time you thought a client was ready to buy and then they didn’t? You got the dreaded response, “I’m going to wait and think about it some more.”   Were you frustrated and maybe a little confused?...

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When & How To Make Email Offers

When & How To Make Email Offers Are you actively focused on growing your list of email subscribers? Do you know what the biggest source of leads has been to grow your subscriber list? More importantly, how engaged are the people on your list?   Growing and...

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The Framework For Successful Sales Conversations

The Framework For Successful Sales Conversations There are lots of people out there telling you to focus your time and attention on sales. However, it's been my experience that very few of these people can actually tell you how to do it successfully. They love to tell...

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Asking For The Close

 Asking For The Close Do you ever wonder how to ask for the close in the selling process? Have you ever struggled with knowing when is the right time to ask? In this week's episode of Roadmap To Grow Your Business, Stacey Brown Randall and I discuss this topic. We...

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