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I'm new

I’m New: New & You

Learning to do something new can be uncomfortable. It requires change.  Most of us internally groan a little when we have to “change” something.  My…

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Muddying The Water

Slinging Mud: Are You Muddying The Water?

Are you muddying the water in sales? Many salespeople are. Here is what Nikki Rausch, your sales maven has to say about it. Imagine you’re…

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contrary, polarity response

Why So Contrary? Communication Tips For Polarity Response

Why so contrary? Many of us have someone in our life that regardless of what we say, they offer an opposing view. What do I…

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what do you do, sales maven, sales help, sales tips

“What Do You Do?”: How To Be Interesting & Relevant

When meeting someone for the first time, do you ever struggle with what to say when you get asked the question, “What do you do?”…

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does that make sense

“Does That Make Sense?”- A Nicer Way To Ask

How often do people ask you this question, “Does that make sense?” How often do you ask people, “Does that make sense?” I admit this comes out…

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be specific meaning

What’s The Be Specific Meaning In Sales Conversations

We’ve all heard the phrase “Be specific” and know what that means in the day to day. So what’s the “Be specific” meaning in a…

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get paid

Get Paid Without Asking For Money

Has this ever happened to you? You’re working with a client, and as you wrap up your time together, you realize it’s time to get…

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Stay on track

Stay On Track: Do You Know Where You’re Going?

When driving somewhere new, how are you at finding your final destination? Do you stay on track? Maybe you have a strong sense of direction…

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rapport building with clients

Rapport Building With Clients: Get In-Sync

A simple way to build rapport with prospective clients and deepen your rapport with existing clients is to learn how to get in sync. When…

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