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I Promise, Sales Maven

“I Promise”: Stop Undermining Yourself With This Phrase

In the last few years, there have been some great articles written about things women say that undermine our credibility. Do a few of these…

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Pushy Sales: Do You Come Across As Demanding?

Pushy Sales: Do You Come Across As Demanding?

Would prospects/clients and colleagues describe you as demanding? And, how would you feel if they did? Pushy sales/ demanding salesmen are a good way to…

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earn opportunities, business tips

Slow Down, We Just Met: Earn Opportunities

Have you ever had someone you just met be overly familiar with you? Did you enjoy it or did it make you a little weary?…

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Love sales discussion with Nikki Rausch of Sales Maven

What Do You Love About Sales?

Do you love sales? When you think of the word sales, what comes to mind? What do you love about sales or the selling process?…

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stop using sales funnels - Sales Maven Tip

Stop The Sales Funnel: No Funnels Here

Have you ever heard of the sales funnel? The concept of filling a sales funnel is something many sales professionals have had hammered into us…

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Little Efforts Make A Difference - The Compound Effect

Little Efforts Make A Difference – The Compound Effect

Have you read or heard about the book The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy? Years ago someone suggested I read it. The message about little…

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finding courage

Finding Courage To Ask In Sales

When’s the last time you held yourself back from asking for what you wanted because fear got in the way? Were you able to push…

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When two isn't better than one - Sales Maven Tips

Step One: When Two Really Isn’t Better Than One

Step One: When’s the last time you said or heard someone say, “Two is better than one”? There are certain things where this statement certainly…

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Skeptics: How To Overcome Them

When you read or hear about a new program that is promising never before seen results like, “Make Six Figures in Six Weeks” or “Lose…

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