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Why Pricing Shakes Your Confidence & How To Fix It

What shakes your confidence when selling? Is there a particular thing that happens between you and a prospective client that causes you to question your…

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How To Be Confident In Your Sales Offer

How confident are you in your product/service offerings? Do you ever wonder if you should add, change or delete anything from your offerings? When’s the…

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How To Get Paid For Your Client’s Results

Are your clients getting exceptional results from the work you do/what you offer? How important are the results your clients receive? For many entrepreneurs, the…

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Beating The Odds: Cheers To 5 Years!

According to the Small Business Association, 50 of all small businesses fail within the first 5 years. That seems like a staggering amount of failure.…

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Owe vs. Show – Confusing The Two Hurts Business

“Owe” vs. “show” – two very different words when applied to the selling process. People who are confusing the two may very well be hurting…

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whose responsibility is it

Whose Responsibility Is It To Make A Clear Offer?

Have you ever been in the position where you didn’t understand what was being offered and the seller reacted in a negative way towards you?…

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Closing Bigger Deals – Things To Consider

Are you ready to start closing bigger deals? Have you up until now sold one product/service per customer? Imagine how quickly your business would grow…

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Should You Offer To Pay For Referrals?

Have you ever wondered if you should and how much you might pay someone who gives you a referral? Do you already have some type…

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losing a client

How To Keep From Losing A Client

Have you ever wondered how to keep from losing a client who says they can no longer afford you? Chances are they would very much…

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