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How To Prioritize

How To Prioritize & What To Focus On

When it comes to sales-related activities do you ever struggle with how to prioritize? How about what to focus on, ever feel overwhelmed and confused…

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How To Make People Buy: Do You Possess The Skill?

Do you possess the skill of how to make people buy? In case you answered “no” to this question, do you wish you possessed the…

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How The “Want-Ad Syndrome” Is Keeping You Small

Are you currently afflicted with the Want-Ad Syndrome? This might be the first time you’re hearing of such a thing. By being aware of this…

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sales tactics

Sales Tactics Like This Are No Longer Cute

Would you agree, at some point, certain behaviors you had as a kid are no longer cute when you become an adult? Are there things…

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Sales Approach, Selling Skills, Relationship Selling, Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch

Is It Lack Of Interest Or Is It Your Sales Approach?

Do you know how you’re perceived by others? When’s the last time you spent time and money promoting a product/service and nobody bought from you?…

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Athletic woman doing planks

Don’t Be Fooled, This Isn’t Just “Off The Cuff”

Do you admire people who can do things, “off the cuff?” When someone makes something look easy, many of us assume the person is just…

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Three women with their arms around eachother

Honoring My Sales Mentor, Russ Short

Who are the important people in your life that have shaped you? Has it been through their encouragement and guidance that you became who you…

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Are You Risking Your Reputation?

Are you risking your reputation when you recommend someone? Do people hold you personally accountable if they don’t have a good experience with the person…

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Two women trade services with a handshake

Trading Services: How To Respond When Asked To

Do you ever struggle with how to respond when asked about trading services? Is trading services a normal business practice for you? Many people absolutely…

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