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Are you struggling with sales?

Learn how to sell easily & authentically with the Sales Maven Society


The Sales Maven Society is a growing community of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to building and sharpening their sales skills, with input, guidance, and the support of one another and Nikki Rausch, the Sales Maven.

Hey, friend.

Do you need to make a change, and are looking for a safe space to learn effective sales tactics (without the sleaze)?

With 25+ years of experience selling, entrepreneurs now hire me to show them how to sell successfully and authentically.

The Society is where we’ll connect. Me + you. I’m the Sales Maven. You’ll bring questions and concerns, and I’ll bring answers and expertise.

The Society is also where you’ll find your tribe – people who want to sell simply, authentically, and effectively.

A very engaged group, Society members are actively building and sharpening their skills, with input and guidance from me. My Society members report transformations in their business when they focus on strengthening sales skills.

And you will too!

Nikki Rausch

Membership Benefits

Direct Access

Direct access to a sales expert (hello!) to deliver the support and training you’re looking for in a manageable bite-sized way

Exclusive Facebook Group

A highly engaged, international community of Society members who connect and support in an exclusive Facebook group, filled with people who want to sell authentically and effectively

Live Q&A

Regular Live Q&A, perfect for asking Nikki your sales-related questions in real time and hearing what questions your colleagues have as well, who may ask a business-changing question you didn’t know you had

Video Training Modules

Right-sized video training modules covering every imaginable sales question or challenge, from pricing to networking and closing business (plus so much more). Not a visual learner? There are audio versions of each module.

Resource Library

Immediate access to a plethora of sales knowledge content in the resource library, which is full of video tips, articles, and downloadable resources guaranteed to spark ideas, provide suggested sales language, and build momentum

Learning Assessment

An assessment of your preferred learning style. Get crystal clear on what works for you so you can get the most out of the Society based on your learning style.

Join the Society Today!

Save $100 on your First Month

Get immediate access to transform your business – the membership is $147 a month, you can join now for only $47 for your first month

A Proven Sales Strategy

Sales Maven Society provides constant support, information and key connections for my growing accounting and bookkeeping business. I jumped at a lifetime member offer because I couldn’t believe the value and man, am I glad I did.

With Nikki’s help through the Society, I recently turned around $14k in sales on a new offer — from a $1k lifetime investment. That is incredible ROI!

Michelle Cooper,
Alchemy Accounting & Bookkeeping

How Does it Work?

The Sales Maven Society is a combination of training materials and videos housed in the membership vault AND real-time support through the private Facebook group.

By combining the libraries of resources and the treasure of the community, you’ll be set up to fasttrack your sales success with the support of Nikki and her Mavens every step of the way. Subscribe for $147, implement a few key tactics based on your sales struggles right now, and watch your new skills bring in new clients.

Plan to stay awhile to maintain access to Nikki as your sales coach and keep her in your “back pocket” for when future sales questions arise (because as business grows and evolves, so do your sales questions!).

Sales Maven members

Hone Your Skills

  • Know what to say
  • Attract more ideal clients
  • Close more business
  • Direct access to Nikki
  • Private Facebook community

Train Your Way

  • Live Q&As
  • Access to all training modules
  • Access to resource library
  • Preferred learning style assessment

Join the Society Today!

Save $100 on your First Month

Get immediate access to transform your business – the membership is $147 a month, you can join now for only $47 for your first month

A Proven Sales Strategy

Skye mercer
I have productized my services, streamlined my lead management process, shortened my sales cycle, developed a discovery call outline, created a customer-focused marketing strategy, increased my close rate, and much more!

– Skye Mercer

Kim Carlisle

Sales was my weak point, but every salesperson I spoke with for help gave the typical “sleazy” sales advice, and I vowed never to be that person in sales. After hearing how Nikki approached it, I was all in with her and knew she would be the best!

– Kim Carlisle

Leah Larson

We were doing every possible thing we could think of for our business, but we could NEVER figure out the sales/marketing part! Nikki was our missing piece. Now we have grown our sales like never before, and have more than made back what we paid!

– Leah Larson

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have some questions. Your success is everything to us!

How much is it to join?


The investment to join the Sales Maven Society is $147/month.

Am I locked into membership?


No, you can join and then cancel the next month if you find that it’s not for you, or you get everything out of it that you can in the first 30 days. There’s no long-term commitment

How much time should I plan to invest?


Remember that “implementers get results”? Plan to put as much into the group as you hope to get out of it. The more time you spend in the trainings and engaging with Nikki and others in the group, the more value you will receive from your membership. If you can, binge content! Ask questions! There is so much goodness to uncover by being a member of the society. Plan to invest at least 20 minutes a week to grow and hone your sales skills.

Can I cancel?


Yes, you can. If you feel that the membership is not a good fit for your needs, you can cancel at any time.

I’m worried I won’t feel like participating


Many of our members felt this same way initially. The difference with the Sales Maven Society is that Nikki engages with the group daily and there is always something for you to take away and immediately apply to your own business. This keeps our members totally engaged and loving the value of the group interaction.

How will I know this will work for me?


If you are tired of where you are now, need confidence to convert more sales calls to clients, AND are ready to put in the work to make change, you will see a difference. Unsure about Nikki’s methods? Read about client success stories here.

I’m a guy; can I still join?


Absolutely. The membership is made up of mostly women, and you are absolutely welcome to join.

Have more questions?

If you have questions beyond the FAQ, please get in touch so we can provide the information you need.

Join the Society Today!

Save $100 on your First Month

Get immediate access to transform your business – the membership is $147 a month, you can join now for only $47 for your first month

Please note: This is not a business opportunity or income opportunity. You are registering for a month-to-month membership to assist you in honing your selling skills so that you’re able to confidently move through the sales conversation.

Membership Terms

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