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Learn how to sell easily & authentically


Would you like ongoing support to make selling easier and close more business?

The Sales Maven Society offers you real-time support for your urgent sales questions, an extensive library of bite-sized trainings to hone your selling skills, and monthly live calls with sales expert Nikki Rausch to remove bottlenecks in your sales process.

$147 monthly

sales maven society testimonial

"I joined the Sales Maven Society shortly after starting my business. I’d recently left Corporate America with plenty of experience I could use to serve clients... and absolutely zero experience selling to them. Investing in the Sales Maven Society was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business. I was amazed by the amount of content in the training library and direct access to Nikki. Getting personalized advice, including edits to my email drafts, helped me build the confidence to stop procrastinating, do the hard things, and make this business a reality."

Melissa Jacobs

Join the Sales Maven Society

Do you need to make a change?

Are you looking for a proven sales process (without the sleaze)?

With 25+ years of experience selling, entrepreneurs now hire me to show them how to sell successfully and authentically.

The Society is where we’ll connect.

Me + you. I’m the Sales Maven. You’ll bring questions and concerns, and I’ll bring answers and expertise.

The Society is also where you’ll find your tribe – people who want to sell simply, authentically, and effectively.

Get a HUGE return on your investment.

Society members are often quoted as saying joining this group coaching program is the best investment they’ve made in their businesses. Implementers get results!

And you will too!
Nikki Raush discusses the Sales Maven Society
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Membership Benefits

  • Direct access to a sales expert (hello!) to deliver the support and training you’re looking for in a manageable bite-sized way
  • Regular Live Group Coaching Calls, perfect for asking Nikki your sales-related questions in real time and hearing what questions your colleagues have as well, who may ask a business-changing question you didn’t know you had
  • Right-sized video training modules covering pricing to networking and closing business (plus so much more). 
  • Immediate access to a plethora of sales knowledge content in a searchable resource library to support you in building momentum.
  • A highly engaged, international community of Society members committed to learning how to sell authentically and effectively
  • Real-time feedback and editing of your sales communications with clients to ensure your message converts.

Join the Sales Maven Society Today!

Get immediate access to transform your business for $147/month

Sales Maven Society testimonial

"Since I've worked with Nikki, I've gained the confidence to close more sales in my business. Last year, my revenue increased 3 times higher than the prior year.  I'm dialing in my offers and I am working with my ideal clients."

Kathy Farah
Sales Maven Society members working together

How does it work?

The Sales Maven Society combines live group coaching sessions, training materials and videos housed in the membership vault AND real-time support through the private group.

By combining the live coaching tailored specifically to your business with the libraries of resources, you’re set up to fast-track your sales success with the support of Nikki every step of the way. Subscribe for $147 per month, implement a few key tactics based on your sales struggles right now, and watch your new skills bring in new clients.

Plan to stay awhile to maintain access to Nikki as your sales coach and keep her in your “back pocket” for when future sales questions arise (because as a business grows and evolves, so do your sales questions and situations!).

Hone your skills

  • Know what to say
  • Attract more ideal clients
  • Close more business
  • Direct access to Nikki
  • Multiple ways to learn

Train your way

  • Live Group Coaching Sessions
  • Access to training modules
  • Access to resource library
  • Real-time support

Join the Sales Maven Society Today!

Get immediate access to transform your business for $147/month

Kim Carlisle

Sales was my weak point, but every salesperson I spoke with for help gave the typical “sleazy” sales advice, and I vowed never to be that person in sales. After hearing how Nikki approached it, I was all in with her and knew she would be the best!

Kim Carlisle

Frequently-asked questions

How much is it to join?

The investment to join the Sales Maven Society is $147/month.

Am I locked into membership?

There’s no long-term commitment. You can join and then cancel the next month if you find that it’s not for you. 

How do I get a Return On my Investment?

Remember, “implementers get results.” Make it a priority to attend one live coaching call, ask one question, complete one training module per month and put into action what you’re learning. Four out of five Society Members report getting a strong ROI on their membership.

I’ve signed up for other memberships before and never participated.

Many of our members felt this same way initially. The difference with the Sales Maven Society is that Nikki engages with the group daily. There is always something for you to take away and immediately apply to your own business. 

I haven’t made much money yet, when is the right time to sign up?

Eighty five percent of our members join before their businesses hit six figures. Selling skills are crucial to your business success at every level. Now is the right time to join. Read about client success stories here.

I’m a guy; can I still join?

Absolutely. The membership is made up of mostly women, but you are absolutely welcome to join.

Sales Maven Society Members in their own words:

  • Nikki knows how to make selling easier --both for you and your prospects. You won't learn hacks or a plug-and play process. Instead you will transform the way you think about yourself, your offer and the value you provide to others. Working with her will change not only your sales conversations but all aspects of your communication for the better.
  • This is such a useful resource. Nikki is incredibly knowledgeable and encouraging, and makes selling feel easy. And you can get feedback on sales questions almost immediately!
  • I just started, but I am confident that my investment will yield results quickly. I can't wait to implement Nikki's step-by-step training in my business.


  • Best investment in my business. Not based on Scripts but based on process and then language to go through each step of the process. If you sell anything you really need to participate in Sales Maven society because you don't even know what you don't even know!


  • Non-salesy sales training that respects both seller and prospect.


  • That it's unlike any other sales training program I've ever engaged with, for a few reasons. Nikki veers off the well-worn path of teaching tired sales tactics by offering a different perspective on the sales process, one that more fully considers the person you're selling to. I'd also say that the learning path is easier to navigate than other courses.


  • In just a short period of being in the society, I have changed my verbiage in emails and posts. I am amazed at the responses I am now getting that seemed to fall on deaf ears before.

Have more questions?

If you have questions beyond what's included in the FAQ, please get in touch. We're happy to provide you with the information you need. I'm waiting to hear from you!

(By the way – have you read the Sales Maven Society Terms of Service?)