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When you face a sales challenge that could use a strategic deep dive into your business or some one-on-one time to figure out a creative solution, a strategy session is the perfect opportunity for you.

Things clients work on in a strategy session include:

  • Personalizing discovery call questions
  • Coming up with their offers
  • Language/Scripts for email opt-in sequences
  • Pricing of services
  • Proposal Language & Reviews
  • And so much more...

A strategy session is a 50-minute Zoom call of focused time to solve your pressing sales issue. This targeted one-time coaching session lasers in on one need and implements a personalized strategy that’s all about your business.

$795 per session

Geraldine Carter

I can't even rave enough about how much Nikki has helped me. In the 6 weeks since I have met with her 1:1, listened to her speak, and binged her YouTube videos, I have closed more business than in the previous 4 months. November was my best month ever by 25%, and December and January are likely to be at least that if not more.

She had the exact puzzle pieces I had been missing for so long: how to lead a prospect through the sales conversation that serves them, isn't sales-y, is genuine, where they are confident they are buying the right thing, and I am confident I can deliver. I have had sales training before, but Nikki's stands out as well above the rest. Thank you Nikki!!

Geraldine Carter, Business Coach for CPA Firms
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