What Others Are Saying About Working With Nikki Rausch


Lisa Fischer- Personal Stylist, Author & Speaker

Jennifer Mager- Beautycounter

Simply PlacedDebbie Rosemont, CPO®- Simply Placed

I loved working with Nikki Rausch, Sales Maven. I have taken some of her online group trainings, regularly read her valuable, easy-to-digest newsletter, and recently went through her VIP program where I experienced personal attention, customized solutions, coaching and accountability to help me authentically and effectively sell our solutions to those needing more organized systems and productive habits for themselves or their employees. Nikki is experienced, warm, positive, encouraging and easy to work with. She provides sensible sales techniques that work. I can’t say enough about the lessons I learned and the strategies I now have both top of mind and in my back pocket for a variety of sales situations I come across and want to create for Simply Placed. Thank you Nikki for the work you do, the talent you bring to your clients and for the special person you are!

Emmie Testimonial for Nikki RauschEmmie Perez – Women’s Health Coach – Blissfully Healthy

Before I started working with Nikki I was exhausted and frustrated. I felt like there was a broken link in my process. I was working so hard but not getting results with attracting new clients. Now, I’ve found clarity on better ways to engage with prospects. I am now working with more clients. What is even better is that Nikki has helped me find ways to attract ideal clients! Women I just love to work with! That is so rewarding.

What I found particularly helpful was her VIP Day where we spent 5 hours finding the missing pieces in my process. I took away so many golden nuggets that helped me turn my business around right away! Nikki helped me build income through her videos and emails as part of her VIP Day Program BEFORE our actual VIP day together! By being willing to implement her tips I earned the cost for her VIP Day plus more in 2 weeks! Yes, BEFORE our VIP day together! Working with Nikki has re-infused more passion into what I do again! I am just thrilled with her coaching support! She helps you find just the right tweaks and ideas that fit you and your personality. I am more confident in my process and it is always authentic and genuine so that I actually get to do what I love, working with more ideal clients! My advice for people who are exhausted from spinning their wheels and need a new perspective is to reach out to Nikki, she will help you re-ignite find your passion and discover your unique path!

Laura Brodniak – Windermere Real Estate

HannahPelley1_2012 Right - small sizeHannah Pelley – Founder and Solutions Consultant – Solutions for Impact, LLC

After hearing Nikki speak at a seminar and leaving with easy approaches that I could immediately apply, I hired her. I was starting my own business based on 18+ years of business acumen that was globally recognized for best practices. The strong service offering was there but the challenge was that I didn’t know how to sell it and in a way that was authentic and true to who I am. I needed best practices but I also needed to be comfortable while offering it and not feeling like I am coming across as pushy, etc. I needed Nikki.

I went through Nikki’s 4-hour consultation and found myself hanging on every word she said. I couldn’t wait for the next thing she was going to give me insight into. She was a true expert, yet humble and focused on the business needs I specifically had and matched them with who I am at the core. She didn’t provide the traditional information that is found everywhere else where the goal is to do whatever it takes to secure the sale and make money. Her offering was unique, focused on clients and giving them a valuable service. The things she shared, approaches she took and recommendations she made showed me she was invested in my success and ensuring the ideas worked for me.

Nikki provided actionable solutions that are easy to implement. I was able to immediately begin applying them. I went from being really uncomfortable with the idea of “selling” to it feeling really natural in 4 hrs. That in itself is amazing. After hearing her speak at the seminar, I knew the private consultation would be valuable. I didn’t know that it would take me from one end of the spectrum to the extreme other end of how I felt about sales and my ability to do it. As a result of working with her, during the launch of my business I have been able to confidently and comfortably speak to our service offerings and ask for business.

I received 2-3 times the value I was expecting and would recommend this to anyone that is new to sales or seasoned. Her services are by far the most valuable I have ever received. You’ll immediately have simple actions you can take that will positively impact your business.


Maura Whalen – Casablanca Floral

I hesitated for more than a year to hire Nikki. In hindsight, my hesitation was completely unfounded. In truth, I am certain that if I knew then what I know now -post Nikki’s coaching – my bank of business would be much greater than it currently is. I cannot tell enough people how invaluable Nikki’s V.I.P training is. Do not delay – hire her!





Joie Gharrity – Brand Strategist, Marketer, Author & Speaker 

Nikki is the real deal, a true professional. Her leadership skills are incredible. Her sales techniques have been a game changer for my business. I would highly recommend working with the Sales Maven she truly cares about her clients getting big results.




Sunday Tollefson – Fierce Success Advocate for Women and Girls

Nikki presented an outstanding, moving segment for the in-studio audience at the women’s event I run, Inspired Success™: Empowering Emerging Leaders. In fact, in the post-event surveys, audience members rated her as their favorite out of 12 speakers that day. And for good reason. She knocked the ball out of the park, so to speak. She inspired everyone in the studio, was delightfully likable, and provided truly actionable strategies for our audience members. Thank you, Nikki! Here’s to your success!




Brittany Caldwell – Executive Director, Greater Bothell Chamber of Commerce

Excellent and valuable were some of the compliments we received about Nikki Rausch’s presentation at our recent Luncheon Event. Nikki spoke to 80+ professionals about her tips for “Selling Without Being Salesy.” She presented them in an informed yet enjoyable manner that stimulated continual engagement from listeners. On a business side, Nikki was very communicative, punctual, and well-prepared which we appreciated. I recommend Nikki Rausch of Sales Maven as a speaker.


unnamedNicole Lux-Ritchie – “Don’t let your technology bully you”

So, I have been following Nikki for a while.

I read her book, blog, watched the videos and all the good content.
I have also taken Nikki’s Savvy selling class 1.0 and 2.0, I get new and stronger insights each time.
I am a consummate DIY’r and often feel like I already know everything, and Nikki’s way made me see sales as something I could actually do and almost enjoy (I’m still a bit shy when it comes to sharing my thing).

The thing that amazes me the most is that all of her strategies and techniques are aimed at building quality relationships with clients. Because of the way she sells and teaches sales, I knew that becoming a Sales Maven VIP client was what I needed.

She listened, she asked questions aimed at understanding my business and how I work. She really took the time to understand MY style and customized her program to MY business. While the information she taught me as a VIP was the same basic information in her book, blog, and savvy selling classes, it was the targeted for my business and adjusted to suit my way.

I wish that everyone would use Nikki’s way to sell stuff. If everyone did then “sales” wouldn’t have such a bad image, and the phrase “coming across as salesy” would actually mean that, you were listened to, taken care of, and offered the best product to suit your needs and desires.


Lisa Fischer – Personal Stylist, Author & Speaker

Best business decision I’ve made is hiring you, Nikki! I am overwhelmed by the results of simple language changes during presentations. Last night there were women lined up to talk with me post event because they were curious. That is for your gifts and having a VIP program to get to personally work with you. For me the difference is mindset first… I used to believe “if people want to work with me they will reach out at the event, they’re adults who know if they feel the need to work on wardrobe and appearance.” What you’ve helped me to know is everyone likes to be invited. The last two public speaking events, half the room engaged with the invitation and options. People who are ready to schedule their first session have been paying in full. I have sold personal best numbers of books in last two events. Thank you, Nikki! You are changing my life by walking this journey of building a business with me, thank you – and to think I almost quit doing the public speaking piece of building a business because I didn’t think I was making a difference. Interesting!


Molly Schlobohm – Vice President of Sales & Service
Argosy Cruises & Tillicum Village

As a sales leader for a medium sized business in Seattle, I have found it challenging to find quality sales training locally. Before meeting Nikki Rausch, at a National Association of Women MBAs education event, we were spending considerable time/money sending new sales executives out of state for training. After spending only an hour with Nikki it became clear she has a successful and extensive background in sales and knows how to take that experience and teach others. I booked Nikki to come out and do sales training with a diverse group of managers at my company. The group was a mix of both Guest Service and Sales managers with experience levels ranging from early career to 20+ year veterans. Admittedly, I was a little nervous how it would go given the wide range of people in the room. It only took about 10 minutes to see and hear all the attendees in the room engaged and learning. The next day I did not even have to ask the managers what they thought of the training because they came to tell me. They loved how she used stories and real world examples to explain buying signals and techniques for overcoming obstacles. She is clearly very intelligent and is able to speak directly to people, not at them or over them. Even the veterans were impressed and said they learned something new! You can tell she is genuinely interested in others success. Bottom line, I cannot recommend Nikki Rausch enough. My team and I cannot wait to have her back in again in the fall!

unnamedHeather Visca – Founder
Foxfire Events

Nikki Rausch is a top notch presenter! Not only is her content relevant to a wide array of guests but her presentation style is engaging and fun to watch. From an event planner standpoint, I really appreciated how easy it was to work with Nikki. She was prompt in communication, easy going, professional and had a great attitude! I look forward to working with Nikki Rausch again in the future. She is a true professional and highly recommend her!


unnamed1Michael McCauley – 
Turn Knowledge to Profit

Nikki is one amazing sales coach! I’m not even finished with her Sales Renovation VIP program and, using the techniques she is teaching me, I’ve already closed business worth more than price of the entire program! And that’s in the very first month! Next month my goal is to double my sales and I’m confident that with Nikki’s guidance I will do it. Her approach to selling is so natural and easy to use. Even if you think you don’t like selling, you can simply apply the techniques that Nikki teaches and you’ll start seeing results right away!


Sales Maven TestimonialLarissa Vidal – Certified Financial Planner
Insight Financial Planning, LLC

Within two-and-a-half weeks of Nikki’s one-on-one VIP coaching, I closed over $8000 in business.  As a Certified Financial Planner™, much of my work involves building rapport and communicating complex information.  Nikki has helped me not only to improve my connection with my clients, but also to direct my conversations to get business done now.  And of course, Nikki models how to lead with grace, curiosity, and care.  She’s a delight to work with.  I’d sign up for Nikki’s VIP coaching again in a snap.

Julie 2014-02-05 145editedcropped2

Julie Fry – Chief Mom Officer
Business Among Moms

 The best part of Nikki’s sales presentation is that she takes time to understand and connect with the audience.  She customizes her sales presentation to be relevant to the people in the room so that they can get the maximum value.Our members were thrilled with her presentation and I have had rave reviews as well as requests for the more presentations from Nikki of Sales Maven. Hiring Nikki for sales training is a smart investment in your business that you will not regret.  She teaches easy to implement techniques that you can start using right away.


Renee Iverson – Co-Owner
Mountain Sun Massage & Skin Care

“As an Aesthetician and Co-owner of a spa, it is very important that our clients be as relaxed and comfortable as possible, even during the interview phase before facial service. After meeting with Nikki and going through my client interview process with her, she was able to make suggestions for possible refinements to make my clients’ experiences even better.”

“As any woman in business knows, customer satisfaction is paramount to a thriving business. I was so delighted with Nikki Rausch’s Customer Experience Assessment! She entered our spa and went through our entire intake process as if she were coming to the spa as a first-time customer. Her three-page assessment and list of suggestions for improvements to the customer experience were so valuable and easy to implement! Thanks Nikki!

Testimonial, Sales Maven

Nina Barnett – Owner
Home Serenity Now

Before I took Nikki’s Sales Renovation VIP Program, I did not feel confident in my selling abilities. Let’s face it, I went to art school, not business school—and I needed some coaching in this area. After a half-day of working together, several coaching calls and Nikki’s Savvy Selling 5-week class, I not only have all of the tools I need, but have already put into practice the scripts, presentations and materials needed to confidently close the sale. Thank you, Nikki, for responding to my questions so thoughtfully and for making sales skills so easy to understand!

Recommendation, Sales Maven, Sales Training, Corporate Sales Training Kylie Cantu – Outbound Sales Specialist

As a person coming from a sales background and training with some of the largest companies in the world, I thought I had heard it all. I have learned different approaches and techniques that have helped me close various projects but I knew that I was still missing quite a few approaches and I had much to learn

Within the first 15 minutes of Nikki’s sales training, I had already made the conclusion that this woman knew exactly what she was talking about. She came in with a different outlook than anyone I have ever met. Nikki’s class has opened the door to many sales opportunities that I would have previously been intimidated by, but with her sales coaching and perspective on customer’s language I have now been able to uncover many new opportunities. I feel more confident in owning my sales goals and feeling more self-assured with my customers. I don’t only recommend this training for Managers or business owners; if you have a sales team, have them go through this training as well. It is well worth the investment!

professionalCheri Hardman – Direct Sales

Working with Nikki Rausch has made such a difference in my business. She has taught me some great, unique sales techniques and affirmations. At our last coaching session, we worked on booking ideas and scripts. The very next day I got on the phone and booked 6 parties for this month!!

The things I like most about her is her ability to adapt material and ideas. If she suggests something that doesn’t feel comfortable for my personal style, she has an alternative idea at the ready.  Her response time to emails is very fast, which I appreciate. Plus, she is engaging and fun, so sessions with her are not dry and boring.
I can’t wait to see what this year brings to my business now that I am working with her. I’ve seen a tremendous improvement already! I highly recommend her services, they are worth every penny.


32523d0Mark Barber – Senior Vice President of Sales

I have had the pleasure to work with Nikki Rausch since 2006.  As I started my career here at Troxell I learned in short order that she is one of the top Sales individuals I have interacted with and was able to form a collaborative partnership.  I was not surprised that she chose to start her own organization with a focus on sales training and coaching.  As we continued to develop our onboarding process for new associates, Nikki immediately came to mind as a key element to the success of this important program.  Sales Maven Training has been a great success as we bring in new Account Executives to provide the proper tools to be successful in the field. The feedback has been positive and we are pleased to continue our onboarding the Sales Maven.


Giselle Royston – Stylist DRES System
DRES System

If you are serious about taking your business to the next level, I highly recommend taking Nikki Rausch’s Sales Training Class.  Her training is at a manageable pace.  She is thorough and definitely makes you think about the hard questions which brings you immediate results.  This class helped me to be present, authentic and a resource to potential clients.   I received excellent feedback, requests for consultations as well as offers to present in front of other groups as a result of applying what I learned from Nikki.

Maureen Manley 1

Maureen Manley, MA, Speaker~Coach~Consultant
Spirit In Motion

“I’m so delighted I gave myself the gift of Nikki Rausch’s Rising Sells course! Through this course  Nikki provided me with a deep and rich understanding of what creates sales.  In her unique, compassionate and highly skilled manner she provided me with the tools and strategies to clarify my offerings, create opportunities, win new business and close deals.    

When speaking with potential clients I now pull from the comprehensive resources Nikki’s course provided me with. I hear Nikki’s voice and lessons in my head, encouraging and empowering me to make the right moves to land the sales.

Why struggle with sales? Give yourself the gift of having Nikki transform the once mysterious world of sales into crisp, clear understandings.  By taking the course, you will be empowered to foster a rewarding and abundant business you deserve.”

lesa-say-demarle-at-home-sales-mentoring-programLesa Say – Owner
Demarle at Home

I am forever grateful that I have had the opportunity to enroll myself in Nikki’s One-to-One Mentoring sessions and as well as hiring Nikki for my team training events. Nikki’s One-to-One Mentoring sessions have dramatically impacted my personal and business relationship growth. My communication skills have rapidly improved, and my knowledge of my customer/client needs have significantly improved.

You owe it to yourself and to your business to enroll in Sales Maven’s Mentoring Program.

10363986_10203750528793584_4569849293189460097_nKathleen Yow-Wells, Owner
Eastside Wellness Center

You have to take this class!  It’s a must for anyone working with customers or clients.  The tools are invaluable and I find myself going back to my notes over and over.  Practice makes perfect! One of the most helpful concepts I received from the training is really grasping and understanding that a sale is an event or culmination of the sales process.  Establishing, maintaining, maybe even a bit of repairing rapport with the client/customer is the first order of business.  I now don’t take things so literally if someone says no, hesitates, or questions.  I have tools to gently walk the customer through the sales process at their pace, not mine.

Testimonial, Sales Maven, Annie Goni-Stewart – Executive Managing Director
eWomen Network – Reno

What a pleasure to introduce Nikki Rausch to the eWomenNetwork community of Reno. With only 20 minutes to deliver a powerful message, she dug right in and provided 5 tips attendees could walk away with and implement. She is truly a pleasure to work with and a great resource. I would highly recommend her.


Headshot #2 Best

Jami Wheeler – Insurance Sales

Whether you are just beginning a career in sales or if you’ve been doing sales for years, I would highly recommend Nikki’s Sales class. She provides a class that gives you relevant skills that are simple to use. The most beneficial part of the class for me was that Nikki provided plenty of time to go out and practice a new technique each week and then come back together and discuss how using the techniques worked for us or maybe what we struggled with.  Being able to interact and get feedback from others in the group was always helpful. Nikki and this class have made a huge difference for me and the way I do business. Thank you Nikki!

Untitled-15 rev 2aTeresa Nickell – Owner
Coeur d’ Alene Baking

After hearing Nikki speak at a workshop I attended, I hired her do a training for my company focused on recognizing buying signals and what do when you get one from a client.  All of my staff that interact with customers were in attendance from the drivers, front office staff, production, sales and management. This training was tailored to our needs, full of easy to implement skills and allowed for a lively discussion across departments on how best to serve our customers. The time and money was well spent to invest in our future growth.  These skills will be invaluable for years to come.

Charlotte Crochet – Business Consultant

Starting a new business can be a scary process with so many twist and turns. Working with Nikki has made this process less intimidating and more enjoyable. The topics covered during her sales training was exactly what I needed ranging from effective networking techniques, presenting your offering to clients and most important watching for those buying signals. The format was great! Having other participants provide feedback and sharing insight regarding their experiences was priceless. In addition, hearing firsthand how Nikki’s training attributed to their increased business and revenue was inspiring. I would highly recommend Nikki’s training to anyone who is looking to build rapport, increase market share and acquire new customers.  The investment is well worth the time and effort!

Rebecca Osman – Presentation Coach

I recommend Nikki Rausch. Using one of her simple strategies, I uncovered what was most important to a prospective client. The end result was an additional $1500 of revenue—75% more than I initially expected. Now I have a satisfied client whose needs were met and expectations were exceeded.




Nicolette Bouw – Interior Designer

Nikki is a very pleasant person to be around, she is very genuine and really takes the time to get to know you and your business. Nikki helped me with the right words, the right structure for the conversation, when people catch me off guard. How do I balance to make the sale successful without being pushy and arrogant? Nikki has structured my conversation with a potential client in 3 easy steps. Also she helped me with my insecurity about English being my second language. I highly recommend Nikki, she makes you feel comfortable with uncomfortable business issues.

nicole-stark-phasen-consulting-usability-uxNicole Stark – Business Consultant
Phasen Consulting

I find myself quoting Nikki on occasion with the various NLP and Sales Maven tips I have learned from her over the past few months! I met with Nikki to do some business coaching and have learned from her in NLP classes, her Sales Maven eBook, and a free Webinar that she hosted.

Nikki is a rare gem. I feel her positive and giving spirit whether I am in a paid coaching session with her or a free Webinar — she is willing to spread her knowledge generously and I always learn something new from every interaction with her.

As a female business owner I appreciate the extra tips Nikki shared that help me sell my services in a male-dominated industry. After reading tons of business books and hearing other ‘sales’ speakers and CD programs, I can honestly say Nikki has expert advice that I haven’t heard anywhere else. It’s not about “scripts”, either, which I found really refreshing. She helps you uncover your authentic way to sell and serve – which feels a ton better than the old school sales approaches, as well.

Nikki’s guidance has given me a fresh new confidence as I market my business. I am clear about my marketing strategy and my personal brand and values. I handle myself in business interactions and sales meetings much differently now thanks to Sales Maven!

Nikki’s coaching sessions are worth every penny!


Susan Hesselgrave – Image Consultant & Stylist
Style with Susan

I came to Nikki because I was experiencing some discomfort, embarrassment even, in proposing my services to potential clients. As a personal style consultant, I worried that people, not understanding my work, might judge what I do to be trivial or vain, just “fashion.” Nikki got me totally past that! She is both gentle and perceptive with her questions, and she was able to quickly identify my “sticking points.” In just one two-hour session, she coached me through several rehearsal conversations with her, where I first stumbled and then, with just-right suggestions, was able to practice a new way of successfully communicating through that “bump in the road” without letting it stop me dead in my tracks! She is masterful in her coaching – I could feel her complete belief in my ability to “get it” and I finished our session really empowered for my next networking situation. Nikki emphasizes techniques that establish a personal connection with someone, not “trying to sell them.” That feels really right for me! I am so glad I found Nikki to help me strengthen my business. Thank you, Nikki!

joyce-dersham-customer-experience-assessment-hair-salonJoyce Dersham – Business Owner
The Loft Hair Salon

“I met with Nikki several months ago when she came to my salon for a cut and color and to observed me at work from a client perspective. Nikki then was able to provide valuable feedback and advise on so many levels from the initial greeting and consultation, to conversing with my client and how to present products for the client to purchase…and lots of other tips and suggestion. In fact it was so much information that it took me awhile to process it and then to implement it to where it became more of a habit ( my new way of doing things ) And then see the results. So it wasn’t until several month later that I realized the true value of the knowledge and direction I received from Nikki. Thanks Nikki for going the extra mile for me!!”


Sales Maven Testimonial, Dr. Judy Sugg

Judith Sugg, Ph. D.

“When I talked with Nikki, I told her that I was feeling overwhelmed by marketing my business idea.  I couldn’t see through the forest to figure out my strategy and next steps.  She is a marvel!  In simple and understandable language, she helped guide us to success.  I’d highly recommend her services — she’s friendly, competent, and listens exquisitely.”

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