Sales Tip: The Toughest Part Of Selling

sales tip

What is the toughest part of selling for you? Is it putting yourself out there, is it the sales conversation or maybe it’s asking for the sale? Whatever you’re struggling with in the sales process, there’s hope. Learning techniques, strategy, and The Selling Staircase will drastically improve your ability to close more deals with this sales tip.

This week’s sales tip to improve your ability to sell authentically and strategically comes in the form of a fantastic interview with the phenomenal, Elizabeth Hartke. She helps successful businesses, brands, influencers plus creatives scale their businesses and their lives. Elizabeth is also the host of the Scaling Up Podcast.

As we talked all about selling and how it’s rooted deeply in connection and relationships, I kept coming back to the close. I’m not doing my job as the Sales Maven if I’m teaching you selling strategy that falls flat right at the end.

So, take a listen to this amazing conversation with Elizabeth because it’s going to ease your selling stresses and help you move the needle in your business. Then, put it into practice in your business.

Check it out here: EP#053. Then, be sure to take a screenshot of the episode and tag Elizabeth (@elizhartke) and me (@your_sales_maven). So, we can celebrate you on the sales journey!

As always, wishing you continued success in your business.

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sales tip

sales tip

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