A Big Mistake In Your Speech Pattern

a big mistake

When you think about what you offer to your clients, do you consider yourself different from your competitors?

Chances are your experience, your style and/or your approach makes you stand out from the crowd.

How do you talk about your uniqueness? Do you end up having to explain yourself multiple times because people don't get it the first time around?

There's a very common speech pattern I've noticed lately when listening to people who consider themselves different from their competitors and frankly using this speech pattern is a big mistake. It's confusing to prospects, and it's turning people off.

A Big Mistake In Your Speech Pattern Continued…

Before I share the speech pattern, I'm going to ask you not to do something: In the privacy of your mind as you read this, do not picture a blue zebra. Don't let a blue zebra come to mind. And certainly, don't imagine how the vibrant blue color stands out from the black stripes.

Be honest, do you now have a blue zebra in mind? When you re-read what I wrote above it says not to picture the blue zebra so why do you have a very clear mental picture of a blue zebra?

When people tell you not to think about something, do you automatically start to think about it? And what about when people tell you all the things they don't do, do you get a mental picture of those very things in your mind?

Too many people start off their elevator pitch by telling people they are different and then they list the things they don't do.

A Big Mistake In Your Speech Pattern Continued…

Here's an example using my own business and applying this speech pattern.

“My company is Sales Maven.  I'm a sales coach. I'm different than most sales coaches as I don't give people scripts and spend time telling them how many calls they need to make each day or how many people they have to meet to hit their sales goals. I don't spend time analyzing your current sales data to recommend what you need to change.”

The mistake here is I never actually tell you what I do. I focus on telling you I'm different and all the things I don't do.

For those of you starting to recognize this in your speech pattern – stop it. You might assume that when you tell people what you don't do, they'll automatically make the connection and figure out what you do. It doesn't work that way. You're asking too much of people. You should always be the one giving them a succinct answer so they're able to create a clear picture in their mind of how they'll benefit from your product/service.

Your Savvy Sales Tip this week:

Be clear on what specifically you do that makes you different and unique. Give clear examples demonstrating your product/service.

Let me know when you start to recognize this common speech pattern and how you might say it differently. The benefit to your brand and your business will be tremendous.

Wishing you continued success in all you’re doing this week.

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