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Get the support you need to hone your sales conversations and get results.

From my membership program, Sales Maven Society, to Strategy Sessions and VIP Coaching Packages, my promise to clients is that “implementers get results.” 

Through direct guidance and support — and implementing the tangible sales skills and advice — you will increase your revenue. More than that, you will increase your CONFIDENCE so that you can lead and convert your sales conversations into paying clients.

Taking action is critical to your success.

By following the step-by-step approach to more effective sales conversations I teach in my membership, strategy sessions, VIP days, masterclasses, books, podcast, and other content, you will learn what to say in the sales conversations and how to say it to be the most effective in selling the offers in your business.

Through working together, you’ll learn how to confidently move a prospect through the sales conversation and earn the person’s business.

Confidence + language = closing more deals + increased $$ for you.

And doesn’t that sound great?

Nicole Lux-Ritchie

I wish that everyone would use Nikki’s way to sell stuff. If everyone did then “sales” wouldn’t have such a bad image, and the phrase “coming across as salesy” would actually mean that you were listened to, taken care of, and offered the best product to suit your needs and desires.

Nicole Lux-Ritchie, Luxcentric


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Virtual classes designed to improve particular sales tactics and use specific tools. Boost your confidence and sell more in your business. A new masterclass is offered each quarter.