The Invite: Are You Missing A Step?

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As a kid, did you ever try to jump up as many steps as you could at one time?

Were you able to jump up 2 or even 3 steps? Maybe you got a group of friends together and you all tried to out-do the person before you. How successful were you?

What would happen if you tried this today as an adult? Maybe you'd still be able to make the jump but how likely are you to want to give it a try?

In the selling process, too often people put so much pressure on themselves to meet someone and immediately close the sale that they often miss some important steps.

The Invite Continued…

It's unrealistic to expect to meet someone and for that person to just hand over money. It's like asking you to jump up 4 or 5 steps from a standing position. Probably unlikely you'd be successful. You might fear doing it, you might seriously hurt yourself (or in this case, your business) or you might just tell me to go pound sand and walk away from the challenge.

Earning someone's business is a process.  It might take a few minutes, a few interactions or it might take a few years. Regardless of how long it takes, it's your job to move you and your client from step to step. And the most effective way to move people is through a simple invitation.

Your Savvy Sales Tip this week: The Invite

It's up to you to issue an invitation to move people through the selling process with you.

Here's a simple graphic of a typical step by step approach to sales:

the invite


When you try to skip a step, you risk breaking rapport, overwhelming a client, or coming off as pushy. Following this simple step by step approach takes the pressure off and allows for the relationship to be the priority.

Expecting your client to move through the process themselves will most likely leave you feeling disappointed. Too often people tell me they wait for people to tell them they're ready to buy before asking for the sale.

The easiest and most effective way to sell is recognizing where you are in the process and then issuing an invitation when appropriate to move to the next step. You've got to actually say the words and invite people for them to move with you.

The Invite Continued…

For those wanting some additional suggestions on how to word the invite, check out my book Buying Signals. Or, to learn the steps of selling, check out The Selling Staircase.

Wishing you continued success this week.

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