Celebrate Your Wins: Are You?

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It is so important to celebrate your wins.

So, are you celebrating your wins? When's the last time you really slowed down enough to take it all that you've accomplished? As a busy professional, we sometimes forget to acknowledge our successes.

This week, consider answering the question posed in the video.  You might be surprised by your initial reaction and/or answer.

Celebrate Your Wins…

As someone who's managed sales people and been in charge of motivating sales through celebration, I sometimes forget to celebrate my own successes. And more importantly, defining what equates success. It can't just be about the bottom line dollars. When's it only about the numbers, you might get discouraged and give up. When you put a plan in place to also acknowledge and celebrate your efforts, it keeps you motivated to push to the next level.

About a year ago a woman I greatly admired asked me to be her accountability partner. We meet once a week and the first question we ask each other is, “What was your win this week?” One of the best parts of being asked this question is that I have to come up with something to share before we get on our call. Some weeks it's harder than others to come up with “my win.” However, getting in this mindset has been hugely beneficial.

Celebrate Your Wins: Your Turn…

So now it's your turn. How do you celebrate your wins? It would be great to hear from you either privately or through social media.

Wishing you continued success this week.

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