How to Effectively Communicate a Price Increase

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Wondering how to communicate a price increase to your client base?

Nikki discusses a few indicators that should tell you it's time for a price increase in your business. Then, she explains a few different ways you can go about these price increases while keeping your clients happy. We all get nervous to take the leap. That being said, it's rare that people are unhappy about your need to raise pricing so there really isn't much reason to feel nervous. Once you are able to truly realize that people are happy to pay your new prices, it will make the whole process much easier.

Price Increase: How To Communicate One Effectively

Tune in to learn about these tips and the best ways to navigate this process.  YouTube: Indicating a Price Increase

Also, here is the article referenced in the video in case you would like to read it: When It's Time To Raise Your Prices

After watching the video and reading the article, my hope for you is that you know your worth and the worth of your service/product. Once you know this, you should be able to price yourself accordingly. Feel free to reach out to let me know how this goes for you.

Wishing you continued success in all you do this week.

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