Content Creation For Revenue Generation

Woman working on content creation for revenue generation

How much content do you create each year?

Are you monetizing the content you create? What would happen if you were not able to create anything new for the next 12 months? Continue reading to learn about content creation for revenue generation.

A few years back, my brilliant business coach at the time (Mary Bicknell) challenged me to not create any new content for one whole year. As someone who LOVES to create content, my initial reaction was one of horror and concern. How could I continue to build my business if I wasn’t allowed to create anything new?

Powerful Lesson

Her challenge ended up being one of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned in the six years I’ve been in business. It forced me to look at my existing content through a new lens. All of a sudden I saw how to take what I’d already created and use it in new ways. I ended up creating a system of how to optimize my expertise and content.

My system has been refined and expanded upon and it’s now something I teach my clients in a Master Class called Content Creation For Revenue Generation. This class has been one of the most popular and well-received of all of my Master Classes. Participants get excited when they learn how to apply this system to their own content. 

Not Sure How To Get Started

Some participants come to this class having already created a ton of content. Others come knowing they want to create content but aren't sure how to start. The class itself meets the needs of both categories of people. There's a process we start with called the “Idea Generator” that usually gets people's brains firing with new concepts. Here is one of the questions in the “Idea Generator” Process:

What comes the easiest to you in regards to your expertise?

Take a minute and write down your answer to this question. Don't make judgments about what you write down or try to qualify your answer. Just let your brain supply the answer(s) and write it down.

What People Pay The Most For

Maybe you're already aware of this: The things that come the easiest to you are the things people will pay you the most to learn. Is that statement super satisfying to you or is there some part of you that is doubtful? Whatever your response, it and you are PERFECT. Either answer means there is an opportunity for you to explore further. It might be time to test this statement out.

Make It Available For Purchase

Imagine creating something that teaches just one of the things that come easy to you and making it available to sell. This could be in the form of a course, a book, a signature talk, or something else. The most important is that you make it available for people to buy.

One of my clients had created some amazing content that she was using in her business. It was something others would certainly buy from her, yet she hadn't taken the time to make it available for purchase. We talked through the logistics of what it would take to make it sellable. We decided on a date of when she'd have it up on a site and available for purchase. In the first 30 days of making it available, she had sold hundreds of dollars worth. It continues to bring revenue into her business every month.

To many people are sitting around with tons of ideas and content they've created but they're not making it easy for people to buy from them. It's such a tragedy. Often times, people's lives will improve when they have access to this content. And of course, your life will improve as well because you'll be bringing more revenue into your business.

You're encouraged to put your content out into the world. People need what you have to offer. Make it available to them.

Wishing you continued success in all you do.

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