Customer Sales: Are You Causing Indecision?

customer sales

When's the last time you thought a client was ready to buy and then they didn't?

You got the dreaded response, “I'm going to wait and think about it some more.”

Did you feel frustrated and maybe a little confused. Do you know what happened, what caused them to back away from the purchase? And more importantly, was there something you did that caused this response?

It's never easy to turn the lens toward ourselves and ask, “What am I doing to create this indecision in my clients?”

Customer Sales & Indecision Continued…

And yet, when you realize this has become a pattern with potential clients, it's time to dig deep and figure out how to resolve it. It's time to do something different.

Here's a place to start, ask yourself, “Am I overwhelming people with too much information?” Keep in mind; you're an expert at what you do and probably have years of experience in your particular line of work. What may seem simple to you, may, in fact, be overwhelming to clients.

Are you coming off like an infomercial, you know the ones that sell you on an item and then say, “But wait, there's more…” Too often people do this with their clients. They want them to have “all the information” so they can make an informed decision. Sometimes “all the information” puts people into a freeze mode, hence the response, “I'm going to have to think about it and get back to you.”

Many people who are not all that comfortable with sales and the selling process like to tell me they think of themselves as “educators” instead of sales people.  When I hear this, I get concerned because it usually means they are overwhelming people with facts and data.

Your Savvy Sales Tip this week: Customer Sales

Refrain from telling clients everything you think they need to know about your product/service. Instead, ask questions like, “What information will be helpful for you to know to make a decision?” Give them the answers to their questions. When a client needs more information, they'll ask additional questions.

Customer Sales & Indecision Conclusion…

Keep in mind; it's your job to make it easy for a client to make a decision. That means take your cues from your client and find out what they want to know vs. telling them what you think they should know about your product/service.

Wishing you continued success in all you're doing this week.

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