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Feat. Nikki Raush, Sales Maven

Angie Trueblood's Go Pitch Yourself Podcast Interview with Nikki Rausch, Episode 5

Podcasts For Sales: Generating Leads With Podcast Interviews

Podcasts for sales are certainly turning in to a huge way to generate leads! When's the last time you were interviewed on a podcast? Or, if you've yet to be interviewed, is this something you'd consider doing as a way to generate leads for your business? So, for those of you that are using podcasting as a way to market your business, this episode is for you.

My friend and Visibility Strategist, Angie Trueblood, asked me to discuss how I use my own signature 5-Step Sales Process, The Selling Staircase, in my podcast interviews as a way to generate new leads. Angie and I started working together earlier this year and have great respect for one another. Angie's podcast, Go Pitch Yourself, focuses on the importance of effectively pitching yourself for opportunities. She's brilliant, a ton of fun, and more importantly a great business leader. So, be sure to tune in to learn about how podcasts in sales are an important way to generate leads.


Listen Now: www.angietrueblood.com/gpy05


In our interview about podcasts for sales we discuss:

  • how being a guest on podcasts has impacted my lead generation as well as sales this last year
  • the importance of planting seeds in an interview and a tip on how to do it
  • effectively using J.O.T. to demonstrate your credibility
  • then, creating a measurable/trackable Call To Action
  • and a few more tips and techniques

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Wishing you continued success in your lead generation efforts!

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